Athlete Spotlight: Bob Reese

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Bob Reese is an Internationally recognized force in the Parkour community. Also known as the Cookie Monster, Bob made a real name for himself with his creativity in movements and applying his unusual style to many more difficult Parkour movements. Now with years of coaching experience under his belt, Bob is a real ‘go to’ authority when it comes to effective coaching and learning Parkour movements. Our athlete spotlight feature the best freerunners in the sport, keeping you ‘in the know’ with what they’re up to, providing first-hand tips and training advice, and highlighting their journeys from beginner to professional.

The Anatomy Of a Parkour Workout

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In this post we will outline key movement components of parkour and provide example exercises, and ways to train and progress each skill. Whether you’re a parkour beginner or have been training for years, the way you get better at parkour is by doing parkour. Repetition is key and consistency is crucial!

Parkour – A Simple Definition

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Parkour is the quickest and most efficient way of getting from point A to point B – running, jumping, climbing and vaulting.  Whereas Freerunning, allows for more artistic liberty in the craft, like tricking and acrobatics. You could think of it as ‘urban gymnastics.’ As above, where the art forms have evolved, the terms of Parkour / FreeRunning have become more closely linked and Parkour is fast becoming the term most commonly used.

NAREK AVOYAN- North Hollywood, California, USA and ARMENIA

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BEGINNINGS- Narek Avoyan was born in Armenia, in Yerevan City.   Growing up he would always get into trouble for jumping off of his bed and jumping off of the stairs!   Narek was as young as 10 years old when he first started jumping off of the garage roof and climbing up the building walls.  He didn’t know anything about parkour … Read More


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My name his Yessenia Cossio and I was born and raised in Miami, FL and moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2019, and currently travel all over the states as an actress, professional athlete, and stunt person.  Growing up I wanted to pursue the world of art and movement and pursued acting, ballet, competitive salsa dancing and competitive … Read More

Hichem Naami – TUNISIA

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Hichem Naami i started Parkour since 2005 as a passion, for the love of movement and the art of using the environment to your benefits. Since 2010 , i started to create my own style , beginning with flow, mixing parkour moves with dancing skills like hip hop and break dancing, which makes it look like dancing with obstacles and  adapting … Read More

WFPF Parkour Cup Competition – Edmonton


WFPF Parkour Cup Competition - Edmonton

Canada we are coming for you! In collaboration with the Edmonton GC Fit Fest Feb 10-11 2018: We are bringing the WFPF Parkour Cup to Canada. SIGN UP AND INFORMATION AVAILABLE HERE:

Regional Qualifiers for USA CUP


Congratulations to all our competitors at the many Regional Qualifiers across the States this passed month! CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS AND SIGN UP FOR THE USA PARKOUR CUP January 27th-28th, 2018 | Tampa, Florida Click Below to see the list of amazing winners from the Regionals! MasterCopy Regional Qualifers