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UAE PARKOUR!!!       PARKOUR DUBAI!!! UAE Parkour is the UAE’s official Parkour community catering in Parkour, Freerunning, Tricking and stunt work. We have performed in a variety of media including TV advertisements, web reports, newspaper articles and even live-action theatre. We also run classes for those wanting to learn Parkour/Freerunning.   Video: Website: UAE Team Members: Sultan … Read More

Bassent Azez- EGYPT

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Name                : Bassent Azez Age                   : 28 Nationality        : Egyptian Home address : Alexandria, Egypt. Occupation      : Personal Fitness trainer.   Bio:   I started parkour back in 2011 with 2DF team. I gained self-confidence from doing parkour & it changed my life. I … Read More

Yassir Achak- MOROCCO

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Hello, Bonjour, Marhaba!!  (English, French, Arabic!) My name is Yassir Achak and I’m a freerunner and from Tangier, Morocco and I’m 19 years old.   I also love the Circus Arts and would love to do that professionally!  I have been an athlete pretty much my entire life and have done sports ranging from football, basketball, swimming and running.  I have … Read More

Heydar Abd Alhussain Jabr- IRAQ

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My name is heydar abd alhussain Jabr from Iraq-Baghdad born on 1995/9/15 I’m a professional parkour athlete and a coach in Iraq -Baghdad I’ve started learning parkour on 2010 from my friend Ali lami who is co-founder of Iraq parkour , coach and my best friend From 2014 I started training people under his supervisor we built gym together and … Read More

Omar Mokbel- EGYPT

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– Name : Omar Mokbel – Age : 22 – Nationality : Egyptian – Home address : Cairo, Egypt – Occupation : Business and Finance undergraduate university student – Bio : Started Parkour and Freerunning in 2011. Joined Egyflow team in 2012. Went to London in 2013 for the second time in my life but this time as a freerunner … Read More

Fatima Mouzoun- MOROCCO

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Hello, Ahlan, Bonjour!     My name is Fatima Mouzon and I’m from Meknes, Morocco.   I have a degree in business and marketing, speak Arabic, French, and English…and I love parkour!  I was the only woman to compete in the Meknes, Morocco Parkour day competition in September of 2017 along with 80 boys!     I started parkour in 2014 by … Read More

UP Movement- Kenitra, MOROCCO

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UP Movement is from Kenitra, Morocco and is the first WFPF Sponsored parkour team from Morocco!  UP Movement was formed in 2015 when Hellala Parkour, WFPF’s first affiliate team from Morocco, merged with Kenitra Traceurs to form one beautiful parkour family! #WFPFMorocco #WFPFMaroc #UPMovement And this one in Arabic:   Follow us on Instagram! @upmovement — is Sahli Bilal, Mourad Disha, Ahmed … Read More

Kaizen Parkour- South Africa

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“Welcome to Kaizen Parkour, South Africa- the first WFPF Sponsored Team! WFPF sponsored teams are by invitation only and are Parkour teams who are truly trying to make a difference in the Parkour community. Congratulations Kaizen Parkour!” KAIZEN PARKOUR As Kaizen Parkour our short term goal is to tour South Africa, the main objective of the tour is to raise … Read More