Follow your passion for Parkour!

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Why there is no better time than now to follow your passion for Parkour?  The year is 1980. You have a passion for an unnamed acrobatic movement that is starting to be labelled as Parkour/Freerunning. You dream of traveling the world, inspiring others through movement. But the path to sharing that passion with the world is tricky. Finding people that … Read More

Athlete Spotlight: Bob Reese

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Bob Reese is an Internationally recognized force in the Parkour community. Also known as the Cookie Monster, Bob made a real name for himself with his creativity in movements and applying his unusual style to many more difficult Parkour movements. Now with years of coaching experience under his belt, Bob is a real ‘go to’ authority when it comes to effective coaching and learning Parkour movements. Our athlete spotlight feature the best freerunners in the sport, keeping you ‘in the know’ with what they’re up to, providing first-hand tips and training advice, and highlighting their journeys from beginner to professional.

Parkour – A Simple Definition

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Parkour is the quickest and most efficient way of getting from point A to point B – running, jumping, climbing and vaulting.  Whereas Freerunning, allows for more artistic liberty in the craft, like tricking and acrobatics. You could think of it as ‘urban gymnastics.’ As above, where the art forms have evolved, the terms of Parkour / FreeRunning have become more closely linked and Parkour is fast becoming the term most commonly used.