Why You Should Sign Your Kids up to Parkour

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Parkour involves using one’s body to engage in physical or mental activities through repetition and diverse skills like jumping, swinging and rolling. Regular exercise and movement is an important aspect of a child’s upbringing. Through parkour sport, your child’s physical literacy is guaranteed and this encourages and unlocks the child’s potential. The child can develop and grow as a fit, … Read More

Start a Parkour Gym

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  Image Source: Pexels How to Start Your Own Parkour Gym {A note from WFPF:  Below is a comprehensive article written by Jori Hamilton about how to start your own parkour gym.  WFPF offers many things which can help you in your journey to start and maintain your own Parkour gym including consulting, WFPF teacher certifications, parkour gym/program insurance (currently … Read More

How to Introduce and Teach Parkour in a School Physical Education Setting

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Kids get the chance to run, stretch their legs, and take a well-deserved breather from school in gym class. But physical education can be so much more than laps around the gym or a repetitive set of exercises. Adding sports into the curriculum challenges students in ways that promote healthy bodies and minds. One excellent option to consider is integrating … Read More

Energy-Boosting Nutrition Tips To Maximize Your Parkour Training

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Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/acrobatics-action-adult-architecture-416780/ Parkour training is a great way to improve both mental and physical fitness. Overcoming its challenges will boost your athletic ability and grow your confidence and self-esteem. However, to perform optimally and safely, you’ll need the best nutritional support for your training. There are several key elements you need to consider when building strength for Parkour training. … Read More

Tips for teaching Parkour to kids

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        Image Source: Pexels Tips for Teaching Parkour to Kids If you’ve ever watched a child playing, it’s usually not hard to see the similarities between what they naturally want to do and some basic parkour moves. Take a kid to a playground, and they will have no problem running, jumping, climbing, and testing their balance and … Read More

How To Build Strength For Parkour

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Why do you want to build strength parkour? Do you find conventional exercise boring? Or are you just a fan of parkour? If so, we are going to share with you some of the best ways to get your body moving without having to go to the gym twice or thrice in a week. Parkour involves moving through obstacles in … Read More

7 Must Read Books for Parkour

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The 7 Must-Read Books for Parkour Beginners and Professionals Parkour is a type of physical activity inspired by the natural method of physical education, designed by Georges Hébert. He devised a route for military training, called parcours militaire, which is widely used by the French army. Hence the name, Parkour has its origins in parcour, in French. The Parkour practitioner … Read More

Why should we integrate Parkour in school curriculums?

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Parkour promotes a healthy lifestyle, excellent physical shape, a combination of speed and strength. Many people mistakenly refer to Parkour as a sport, because officially, this discipline does not exist. They started to hold “competitions” among tracers (a Traceur is a person engaged in Parkour) not so long ago. And it’s a pure pleasure to watch them! Parkour is becoming … Read More

USA Parkour Cup2020

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2020 has arrived and the USA Parkour Cup preparations are heating up. With 10 Regional Qualifier Competitions across the US States at our WFPF Parkour Academies complete, the stage is set and the top competitors from across the country will arrive to battle it out for the USA Parkour Cup Victory. As expected, ALL age groups fully exceeded expectations across … Read More