The WFPFs AOM Online Qualifiers

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Check out these great submissions that made it through the 1st round of the Red Bull AOM Online Qualifier! Jace Iley (USA) Sergio Eriksen (MEX) Dimitris Kyrsanidis (GRE) Vincent Coryell (USA) Carlo Paraza (VEN)

Sam Parham

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Sam Parham has been Freerunning for over 15 years, and gained particular recognition as one of the core members of 3RUN. Holder of 3 Guinness World Records, Sam has been a key pioneer of Parkour, communicating it to the masses through his videos, which have received millions of views world wide, most notably his Poetry in Motion. Sam soon began … Read More

Pip ‘Piptrix’ Andersen *

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Pip became a widely recognized and respected Freerunner when, at only 17, he was chosen to represent the UK in the first ever World Freerunning Championships in September 2008. Pip finished 4th despite an injury incurred in the semi-final, and was featured heavily in the highlights of the event which were televised by SKYSports2&3 and shown all over the world. … Read More