Fabio Araya- COSTA RICA

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Hello I am Fabio Araya, I have been training parkour for 10 years, I started when I was 14 years old when I saw a doccumentary on tv about some local guys jumping in the city, in that moment I decided that I wanted to try it and learned the basics with youtube tutorials and an old matress in my backyard; now I’m 24 years old, I am a naturalist tour guide working in the jungles of Costa Rica, explaining to the tourists about the biodiversity of my country. I love traveling, getting new experiences out there with people from different places and learning from them, most of my trips to different countries are for training parkour in amazing spots and gyms with incredible athletes, this is my passion.
I have worked as parkour coach in different projects with gyms, with the state and with worshops for festivals, I also used to do parkour shows.

I have always enjoyed training with people, learning from them and share to them what I’ve learned with the time, now I am part of The Feferation of Parkour Costa Rica and we are very happy and excited to start with new projects for the parkour community and the new generations.
I really appreciate the opportunity WFPF is bringing to all of us, thank you very much!.


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