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Hichem Naami

i started Parkour since 2005 as a passion, for the love of movement and the art of using the environment to your benefits.

Since 2010 , i started to create my own style , beginning with flow, mixing parkour moves with dancing skills like hip hop and break dancing, which makes it look like dancing with obstacles and  adapting the body with the environment .  During this period, i started creating parkour moves focusing on tic-tac skills, i reached a good level until now, by creating a kong to triple tic-tac to precision, and i still look for more creative moves.
– “Hunter”  is my parkour Team that we created in Tunisia.  We launched out youtube channel in 2012, showing our passion to the world.  Recently we began making tutorial videos, to encourage and motivate Tunisians to try our art of movement, and to show the world our interest in parkour and our leadership in helping the people from not only our country, but from around the world.
The WFPF World Parkour Championship 2018 Series championship in Mardin, Turkey was one of the highlights of my life.  I didn’t participate in any competition in my life.  My first competition was  when  I joined in the WFPF world parkour championship 12/13 May, 2018, in Mardin, Turkey   as the first and the only Tunisian in an international competition.  It was a hard decision to make, whether i go to the world parkour championship or not.  I did not know how I would do, I did not know how I was going to get there or where I was going to stay.   I can say now that it was definitely the best decision I ever made.   I went there, i lived the experience, the competition , the parkour sessions with parkour athletes, the gathering, meeting pro athletes and parkour teams from all over the world.  I learned a lot from this championship  about how to manage my steps, choose the right movement technique, and ways to move faster.  It was my greatest honor to be the first athlete from Tunisia and afterwards to share my words representing Tunisia at the first ever IPF Parkour congress.   
– I’m thankful for being a part of this as a sponsored athlete , it gives me the opportunity to train, travel, to visit new places, make new friends and exchange experiences around the world. I’ve met great and humble people in Mardin ,  supporting each other in every moment before, during and after the competition  and they  have a remarkable positive energy. So, to be here and to be part of WFPF is a great honor and i love to take it  as an inspiration for other athletes from Tunisia and all over the world , at the end i inspire myself to keep doing what I love. 
Please come to visit me and my fellow freerunners in our beautiful country of Tunisia.
Cordially , Hichem Naami. 


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