NAREK AVOYAN- North Hollywood, California, USA and ARMENIA

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BEGINNINGS- Narek Avoyan was born in Armenia, in Yerevan City.   Growing up he would always get into trouble for jumping off of his bed and jumping off of the stairs!   Narek was as young as 10 years old when he first started jumping off of the garage roof and climbing up the building walls.  He didn’t know anything about parkour … Read More


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My name his Yessenia Cossio and I was born and raised in Miami, FL and moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2019, and currently travel all over the states as an actress, professional athlete, and stunt person.  Growing up I wanted to pursue the world of art and movement and pursued acting, ballet, competitive salsa dancing and competitive … Read More

Joey Adrian

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Joey is an absolute phenom. He has placed on the podium of just about every major competition he has competed in and was the FIRST place Champion of the WFPF “Jump Off” World Championships in Las Vegas of 2017!  In addition his list of podiums include:   NAPC 4 times (three 1st place), AoM, Airwipp, & APEX Int. His career as a … Read More

Chris Bogdanski Shore

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My name is Chris Bogdanski Shore. I was born and raised in Huntsville Alabama and moved to Florida in 2013.  I just moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2019!!  I have always been an athlete (U.S. representative for wrestling in Australia in 2012).  I also was a semi pro video game player during high school (COD & Halo) … Read More

Xavier Smith

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When I was little I always loved to watch people doing flips! When I was 9 years old, I started to do Ninjustu and Karate with my brother and a friend. We used to practice for hours and that’s when I knew that I wanted to make flipping a career. I got so good, so quickly, that I challenged everyone … Read More

Kristoffer Smith

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From the fiery state of Arizona comes a man born to go fast. Even at an early age, Kristoffer Smith was already ripping around either in the back of a Humvee or on the local BMX tracks. When he was not fighting for the lead or being tossed around in the desert, he spent his time learning how to build … Read More

Emily Abernathy

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I was introduced to the parkour community around 2010. At first I only tagged along, watching and taking photos. I really didn’t think it was for me and nor something I had the ability to do. I thought it had to be dangerous and was only for people with years and years of gymnastics experience. It took me a long … Read More

Robbie Corbett

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From Sebastian, Florida!In high school participated in all things athletic, from wrestling to cheer leading even diving off bridges, waterfalls, & hotel balconies, at 19 I started coaching Gymnastic and became a Certified Fitness Trainer. In 2008 I finally got bored in FL. decided to move out to Los Angeles to be in the Entertainment Industry! Since then I have … Read More