7 Key Steps to Take When Writing a Killer Parkour Instructor Resume That Gets the Job

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So, for the last few years of your life, potentially all your life, you’ve been harnessing and honing your skills as a parkour expert, and after intensive training day in, day out, you’re ready to start turning your passion into a career that pays the bills.

There’s no better feeling than being able to do this.

However, before you get started, you’ll need to actually secure your job as a parkour instructor, which means applying and handing in your resume. But how do you write a resume that’s going to secure your application and create the best first impression?

Today, we’re going to find out.

#1 – Start Strong

Put yourself in the position of an HR manager who would be reading your parkour instructor resume. The first thing they’re going to see is the first paragraph, so this is where you’ll need to make your powerful first impression.

“This is also known as a ‘professional summary’, and you’ll need to introduce yourself in the best light, detailing your goals, what you’re doing and what kind of person you are. Try to keep this to 5 sentences maximum” shares Nick Berry, a resume proofreader for EliteAssignmentHelp and Australianhelp.

#2 – Talk About Your Skills

Under your professional summary, you’ll want to start exploring your skills, since this is going to be the second most important thing the employer is going to be looking for. Make sure read through the job description and make a note of all the skills you’re looking for.

For example, you’ll need to be able to manage and lead a team of people; you’ll need to be concise, friendly, approachable, professional and, of course, have some athletic traits.

#3 – Read the Job Description

This goes hand-in-hand with the tips above, but once you’ve talked about yourself for a bit, you’ll want to make sure you’re reading through the job description to see exactly what the company is looking for.

“Each company will be looking for something different, so you’ll want to match your resume to make you seem like the best person for the job. Read it several times and note down all the important, key points” explains Terry Harper, a sports writer for Ox Essays.

#4 – Discuss Work History

The next step to take is talking about your work history. For this, make sure you’re putting the most relevant and important job that relates to being a parkour instructor first; you don’t necessarily have to go in chronological order.

This is because, again, the recruiter will be reading through and wants the important information to come first. Then, talk about your skills in each role and how they’ll benefit you as being an instructor, not just a simple list.

#5 – Talk About Your Education

Whether you still have room on your resume (you should always aim to keep it a maximum of a single piece of paper), or you don’t have a work history, the final piece you’ll want to talk about is your level of education.

While you might jump to your school grades, there’s no harm in keeping it relevant to the job. Talk more about sports clubs, gyms and other training programs you’ve been on, rather than your less than average French grade.

#6 – Use Online Tools

Writing in a professional and comprehensive way is so important when it comes to writing a resume, regardless of what industry you’re applying for. While you might not be a professional writer, thanks to the internet, there are plenty of services out there that can help, such as;

Via Writing / Academ advisor – These are two websites that are dedicated to providing you with accurate grammar guides and checking tools.

Paper Fellows – An online editing tool to help you perfect your sentence structure and the way your parkour resume is laid out.

Study demic – This is a premium-quality proofreading website with guides to help you make sure your resume content is perfect.

Academized / Resumention – Two websites dedicated to helping you produce the perfect resume, as well as providing you with tips and tools, as recommended by UKTopWriters.

My Writing Way / Bigassignments – These are two websites full of formatting tools to help you professionally structure your parkour resume.

#7 – Include Industry Keywords

Nowadays, a lot of job applications receive a lot of applicants, which is why they use computer software to scan the resumes to sort through what they want and don’t want.

The software typically scans for keywords, so read through the job description, pick out what you think are relevant keywords, and then make sure they’re included in your resume.


As you can see, there are lots of things to think about when it comes to writing a resume for your next parkour instructor position. It’s important to remember to write a new resume for each application you apply for, and always make sure you’re reading the job description several times before writing it!

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Freddie Tubbs is a sport writer and editor at Ukwritings. He regularly takes part in sports events, and writes columns for Boomessays and Essayroo blogs.

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