Athlete Spotlight – Chase Armitage

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In this week’s ‘Athlete Spotlight’ blog article, we take a look at the journey, lifestyle and career of UK Free Running pioneer, Chase Armitage. Based in Basingstoke, Chase founded the world-renowned Parkour team 3Run. Now paved in the history of the UK Parkour scene, 3Run would go onto inspire and bolster the profile of Free Running and Parkour within the … Read More

Robbie Corbett

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From Sebastian, Florida!In high school participated in all things athletic, from wrestling to cheer leading even diving off bridges, waterfalls, & hotel balconies, at 19 I started coaching Gymnastic and became a Certified Fitness Trainer. In 2008 I finally got bored in FL. decided to move out to Los Angeles to be in the Entertainment Industry! Since then I have … Read More

Kyle ‘Epic’ Mendoza

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Known for teaching Parkour, Freerunning & Tricking movements on YouTube, Kyle ‘Epic’ Mendoza has been a part of shaping communities with his teachings of movement as well as the application of philosophy, discipline and cognition. Kyle has always taken to spiritual healing & compassionate practices, he portrays a message that has inspired much of the community with his motto ‘STAY POSITIVE. … Read More

Travis Wong *

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Inducted into the Inside Kung Fu Hall of Fame at the age of 14, Travis Wong can be seen in international ad campaigns, has coordinated performances for the NBA and Fortune 500 companies,  choreographed for artists such as Ne-Yo, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lopez, and has graced stages from Universal Studios, Hollywood to the red carpet in Cannes. Utilizing his … Read More

Daniel Arroyo *

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Star of MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge, “Made”coach on MTV’s Parkour episode, Stunt double to Jadden Smith and others… Hi, My name is Daniel Valentin Arroyo, I was born on Feb. 14th 1987 in Fort Riley, Kansas; and I am Puerto Rican. My father was in the military which lead to a respectful upbringing. My mother and father split in 1999, … Read More

Ben ‘Jenx’ Jenkin *

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Ever since I was a child I was always very active and always looking for a new way to challenge myself, so I played every sport I could. At an early age I played basketball at a national level for the north west of England as the starting point guard. But after a year I was drawn away from it … Read More

Phil Doyle *

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I was always out and about as a kid, there was a big park right across the street so I’d never be home during the day. Would play games like manhunt, hide and seek and a lot of basketball. In summer 2005 while on holiday in Brittany I saw a guy do a back flip off a wall, and at … Read More

Sam Parham

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Sam Parham has been Freerunning for over 15 years, and gained particular recognition as one of the core members of 3RUN. Holder of 3 Guinness World Records, Sam has been a key pioneer of Parkour, communicating it to the masses through his videos, which have received millions of views world wide, most notably his Poetry in Motion. Sam soon began … Read More

Pip ‘Piptrix’ Andersen *

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Pip became a widely recognized and respected Freerunner when, at only 17, he was chosen to represent the UK in the first ever World Freerunning Championships in September 2008. Pip finished 4th despite an injury incurred in the semi-final, and was featured heavily in the highlights of the event which were televised by SKYSports2&3 and shown all over the world. … Read More