Justin ‘Jet’ Sheaffer

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headshotMy name is Justin ‘Jet’ Sheaffer. I am based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Before Parkour I was and Elite gymnast, trained at the Olympic Training Center, Diver of the Year 2009 as well as 4th in the State of Colorado. During this time I had always been interested in Parkour, but not until I started Seeing it in person and on television did it creat the driving force to open my eyes to the concept that it was possible, it was simply putting it into physical practice from there.

Parkour has lead to amazing adventures and I have met amazing people. I have had the opportunity to compete all over the world. German in the Asics Parcouring World Championships 2008. The following year I competed again taking 3rd place in the X3M Parcouring World Championships 2009! In 2010 I competed in 2 Red Bull Art of Motions (Vienna,Austia) where I placed 9th and in(Boston, Massachusetts)taking 5th place! I have the honor of going again this year to Red Bull Art of Motion: London! Becoming a WFPF Athlete and Founding a Colorado Team, Tranquil Movement, have become huge never ending stories in my life thus far. I will never forget the comradiery, friendship, hardship, injuries and progressions we have all made together. I have family all over the world now thanks to Parkour.

Parkour has such a positive message and can be a useful tool in the most important aspect of life, living! The way you train your life will reflect the way you train parkour. If your “happiness” awaits on the other side of the obstacle/trick it will be short lived and you will see that the obstacles never end. Simply Coexist with the environment and see the world agenda free. Then everything just “is” and it becomes simple. It’s all about adapting and learning what to be afraid of and understand fear. Fear comes as a natural response to protect the body from danger. It’s the mind’s illusions that hinder our progress. What I fear the most is letting the mind restrict my universal flow. I am not afraid to walk away from a challenge and return when I have reassessed the situation.

Parkour has brought more work ethic, determination, life skills, confidence, wisdom and a positive attitude to my everyday life. Whether I am bussing a table in a restaurant or on set for a Hollywood blockbuster I give it everything I have. Be the best that I can be in every situation. Thank you for taking time to read my bio. I hope we have the privilege to meet some day on the this crazy odyssey, life.

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