Robbie Corbett

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From Sebastian, Florida!In high school participated in all things athletic, from wrestling to cheer leading even diving off bridges, waterfalls, & hotel balconies, at 19 I started coaching Gymnastic and became a Certified Fitness Trainer. In 2008 I finally got bored in FL. decided to move out to Los Angeles to be in the Entertainment Industry!

Since then I have Acted and performed Stunts for numerous Commercials,Music Videos, and Films also I’ve competed in Red Bulls Art of Motion Tampa, was a Judge for Art of Motion Boston and MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge, Choreographed the WFPF’s N.B.A Halftime shows for the Detroit Pistons and Oakland Warriors, Helped develop an American Free Running Safety Certification, also I’m a head coach at The Tempest FreeRunning Academy and The White Lotus! I love my LIFE, I love my Friends and I’m Grateful for all the Amazing opportunities The WFPF has given me!

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