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arroyoStar of MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge, “Made”coach on MTV’s Parkour episode, Stunt double to Jadden Smith and others…

Hi, My name is Daniel Valentin Arroyo, I was born on Feb. 14th 1987 in Fort Riley, Kansas; and I am Puerto Rican. My father was in the military which lead to a respectful upbringing. My mother and father split in 1999, that is when I stayed with my mom and my only brother stayed with my dad. My mom and I moved to Tampa, Florida where I have lived up until present. I graduated from Riverview Highschool and moved on to Hillsborough Community College in pursuit of a degree in Engineering. In feb/march of 2010 my dad, grandma, & grandfather all passed away, Parkour has been a way for me to deal with my loses and push for the future. As far as Parkour is concerned, I have been climbing/jumping ever since I was born but didn’t take up serious training until about 4 years ago, I have a very broad background consisting of Soccer, bowling, wrestling, body building, boxing, Inline Skating, Breakdancing, baseball, basketball, & pool. I love movement, doesn’t matter what your into. I try and tie whatever I can into my own movement and illustrate it in whatever environment I come across.


6 Comments on “Daniel Arroyo *”

  1. i love parkour. and out of all of the athletes . you are my favorite. cant you tell me how do you jump far. so i can learn how to do it so i can do better in parkour

    met him almost a year when I visited France in 2012, but did not know she Sport
    Now I am training I want to Asir professional in this sport and I will be in history
    I’ve watched your videos and seen you train someone seen you on television has improved
    The foundations of a team I hope to try my championship so Ibrhnana worthy to enter the professional
    Thank you

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