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headshotphildoyleI was always out and about as a kid, there was a big park right across the street so I’d never be home during the day. Would play games like manhunt, hide and seek and a lot of basketball. In summer 2005 while on holiday in Brittany I saw a guy do a back flip off a wall, and at the time to me that was amazing. A friend I was with had heard of free-running/parkour so we went over and started talking to the guy. He showed us some stuff, taught us a few moves and it turned out he knew people who practiced Parkour in Cambridge.

I loved Parkour because it was so simple, I could just walk in to town and try a huge variety of challenges both physical and mental, constantly learning more of the physics of movements and essentially how my body works. Through my practice in Parkour I’ve met a lot of like-minded people across the UK and we often travel to see each other, piss about and train together.

I enjoy other sports and all kinds of challenging things so would never try to advocate that Parkour is above other activities, it’s just what I chose to focus on most growing up. I value absolute truth such as in mathematics and therefore physics, hence all science which I think strongly relates to all physical activities.

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