Kyle ‘Epic’ Mendoza

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Known for teaching Parkour, Freerunning & Tricking movements on YouTube, Kyle ‘Epic’ Mendoza has been a part of shaping communities with his teachings of movement as well as the application of philosophy, discipline and cognition.

Kyle has always taken to spiritual healing & compassionate practices, he portrays a message that has inspired much of the community with his motto ‘STAY POSITIVE.

With a martial arts background & ADHD he was easily interested in high-flying, aesthetically pleasing movement like Extreme Martial Arts as well as Capoeira & Breakdancing. When YouTube montage videos emerged his mind was blown with other athletes raising the bar on what was possible. He began teaching himself the movements of Parkour, Freerunning & Tricking and has been improving ever since.

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  1. My name is Ivan Flores I am the owner of fix four San Diego located in San Diego California in the United States. I am currently seeking a head coach with my (parkcore) program we currently have about 150 students in this curriculum.
    I wanted to touch base with you see if you are interested in what the possibilities are for you to come here. Please feel free to let me know what your thoughts are.

    Thank you
    Ivan Flores

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