Parkour World Records

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As Parkour has become more and more recognised, the demand and popularity for Parkour World Records to be broken has increased. In this week’s article we take a look back at footage of some of the most impressive Parkour World Records being broken throughout the last decade: *Highest-Wall Assisted Backflip: (published on YouTube 11th November 2016) In this video aired … Read More

Follow your passion for Parkour!

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Why there is no better time than now to follow your passion for Parkour?  The year is 1980. You have a passion for an unnamed acrobatic movement that is starting to be labelled as Parkour/Freerunning. You dream of traveling the world, inspiring others through movement. But the path to sharing that passion with the world is tricky. Finding people that … Read More

Life after Parkour for the Parkour Athlete

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Life after Parkour for the Parkour Athlete. A sustainable career option?  A question that many a Parkour athletes will have encountered on a frequent basis is questions surrounding the longevity of the decision to pursue a career in the industry. Criticisms can include that it’s only a suitable career choice for a very short time frame because of the limitations … Read More

Parkour in the Movies

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Parkour In The Social Media World. Nowadays young aspiring Parkour athletes are just an Instagram scroll away from getting their newest dose of movement inspiration from the latest viral video. However, this method of sparking attention for the sport has a popular predecessor to which the foundations of the Parkour movement owes a lot to. Prior to the height of … Read More

WFPF Parkour Academy Testimonials

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“Our Youth program took off and now we are bringing in more teens and adults too. In our first year we have approximately 800 students and have had almost 3500 visitors through our doors. We have experienced 9-15% growth month on month since we opened our doors.” “Having the Lesson Plans each week has been hugely beneficial and we still … Read More

Athlete Spotlight: Bailey Harter

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My name is Bailey Harter. I started Parkour around August of 2013, so roughly 6 1/2 years ago. The reason I started Parkour is because I somehow found Ryan Doyle’s travel story’s on YouTube and immediately wanted to try and learn some flips. I was a pretty athletic kid and I new the basic concept of a front-flip so I … Read More

Afghanistan Parkour

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This story is a story of inspiration. And it is a story that is very much on going. WFPF have been in support of the Afghan Parkour Society for quite some time now. Even sending letters to senior officials in Afghanistan to support funding and space for the Parkour youth in the country. It is nothing short of incredible to … Read More

Athlete Spotlight: Pasha The Boss

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In honour of the latest JAMCAST Podcast Hosted by Travis Wong: We wanted to share the love and feature the one and only Pasha “The Boss”; Pavel Petkuns. JAMCAST: Pasha is an athlete who has truly carved his own style and cemented it into the history books of Parkour even comedically dubbing his latest style of movement “Pash-Kour”. In this … Read More