Parkour World Records

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As Parkour has become more and more recognised, the demand and popularity for Parkour World Records to be broken has increased. In this week’s article we take a look back at footage of some of the most impressive Parkour World Records being broken throughout the last decade:

*Highest-Wall Assisted Backflip:
(published on YouTube 11th November 2016)

In this video aired on the Guinness World Records Italian Show stuntman, Amadei Weiland and freerunner David Fanelli compete for a new world record for the highest wall-assisted backflip.

*Fastest Time to Double Kong 10 obstacles (five pairs):
(published on YouTube 6th June 2016)

Slava Petins, Mat Armitage and Mike Wilson compete to see who can break the world record for the Fastest Time to Double Kong 10 obstacles (five pairs)…

*Fastest Time to Jump over 7 Bars
(published on YouTube 27th Jan 2017)

Timothy Shieff and James Walters feature in this breath-taking challenge to decide who will set the record for the fastest time to jump over 7 bars…

*Farthest Parkour cat leap (bar to wall)
(published 4th March 2016)

In this challenge members from the popular Italian Free Running group, ‘Team Jestion” go head to head to see who can achieve the farthest parkour cat leap (bar to wall)…

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