Easy & Effective Implementation of Parkour classes in your gym.

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Adding Parkour / Ninja classes to your gym has never been easier.
Tools such as the WFPF Parkour Academy, provide start to finish steps to have your Parkour classes setup and optimized with immediate effect.

1) Equipment – If you have a pre existing gym, you will be amazed how much of the equipment can be safely re purposed for Parkour use.
Also, we have incredible easy, affordable and mobile options for Parkour specific available equipment.
2) Lesson Plans – Access to Monthly Lesson Plans with comprehensive age group breakdowns allow any coach to start from scratch and teach a full class, beginning to end.
3) Certifications – For any coaches wanting further education or Parkour specific certifications. We also have you covered
4) Curriculum – If there is any concern as to exactly ‘What’ to teach, as part of a comprehensive Parkour Class or program. The WFPF Parkour Academy also contains a full curriculum of movements from Level 1 (beginner) to Level 8 (Movement Master), with full written glossary and video glossary to illustrate each movement technique.

Now there are many more comprehensive additional options and solutions available within the Academy Tool from Themed Posters to Code Of Conduct templates.

But at it’s core, it has never been easier to implement a Parkour / Ninja class into your gym.
The benefits of doing so have been illustrated across many of our other blogs: Testimonials.
Bring Boys back to the gym.
Attract and retain new students.
Offer existing students, more additional options for greater retention.
The list goes on…

So now all that is left to ask is:
“What’s stopping you from setting up your Parkour Program today?”

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