WFPF Parkour Academy Testimonials

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“Our Youth program took off and now we are bringing in more teens and adults too. In our first year we have approximately 800 students and have had almost 3500 visitors through our doors.

We have experienced 9-15% growth month on month since we opened our doors.”

“Having the Lesson Plans each week has been hugely beneficial and we still refer back to the Video Glossary on a regular basis. The whole Program has been fantastic.”
LIFEKOUR Academy.  

“We’ve had virtually no injuries to speak of, and I would encourage anybody to try this as an addition to their gymnastics program.

It’s brought in a tremendous amount of new activity to the gym and the retention has been really great.”

“It’s been so good that we are now expanding to develop a dedicated Parkour gym on the other side of our city.”
AERIALS Academy.

”The academy has an incredible amount of progression, it’s got a very easy to follow set of skills which makes coaching age ranges from young children to adults very simple.

As a WFPF certified coach, I have had the opportunity to travel to numerous different States and bring Parkour to new communities.”

– Robbie Santos.


“The WFPF Parkour Academy has really helped us a lot, especially as we are a start up. WFPF has been our support system from Day 1, and without this program we wouldn’t be where we are today. 

Within our first year, we reached the maximum capacity of our gym and so we are now looking for a larger space, for which we can bring our Integrated Obstacles Mobile equipment with us.”

– Naro Parkour Academy.

Before Parkour, our gym was 99% girls.
The Academy has brought a whole new dynamic to our gym, adding value and options for our current clientele, whilst also allowing us to grow vertically and horizontally in ways we didn’t think were possible.”

Integrating the WFPF Parkour Academy into our program has made a huge difference. We are watching the boys and girls progress whilst being actively engaged. I feel like we are raising young women and men to a better version of themselves by incorporating something they love doing.

WFPF held our hand from the beginning with artist drawings and gym design. They were with us the whole way, and we are now seeking to open another dedicated Parkour Gym.”

– Tumble Tech

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