Follow your passion for Parkour!

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Why there is no better time than now to follow your passion for Parkour? 

The year is 1980. You have a passion for an unnamed acrobatic movement that is starting to be labelled as Parkour/Freerunning.

You dream of traveling the world, inspiring others through movement. But the path to sharing that passion with the world is tricky. Finding people that have the same desires and outlook is an obstacle, as you’re from a small area with little way to connect with and contact people outside of the close proximity. Not to mention the ability to create and distribute content to the world yourself is near impossible, whilst the path to getting someone else to share your content on the big screen is also very tricky.
Cameras are heavy, big, expensive, computers and editing software requires a Harvard degree, and the way that world consumes content is mostly from large newspapers and news stations which all require numerous interviews to even get a chance of sharing your skills to a large audience.

How easily we can take the modern world we live in for granted.

Fast forward to 2019 and we have an abundance of ways to film, edit and share our passion with the world. Connecting with like-minded people is just a few taps of a glass screen away, whilst the camera’s to film and the methods to distribute the content is all on the same device.

This isn’t to suggest that the modern-day Parkour athlete does not face his own challenges. Market over saturation being the biggest one. But whatever your current following is, remember what kind of a blessing it is to have any kind of following. The ease of sharing your passion with the world in this way didn’t even exist 15 years ago.

This isn’t to suggest this path is an easy route. We all know social media can be frustrating sometimes. When you post something that you put a lot effort into, and you don’t get back the engagement that you expected or think it deserves.

But don’t get over caught up in likes and engagement, share your passion for the raw reason of sharing your passion and know that even if you’re impacting a few people in the world, that’s awesome.
To practice Parkour for the authentic intrinsic reason of just sharing what you enjoy to do is already enough justification. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a huge commitment to create content.

If you’re training regularly then just share clips occasionally of your own unique progress when you train. You don’t have to make dramatic shifts in your approach to life when deciding to share your passion for parkour through social media.

Then with consistency, with collaborations, engaging with other people’s content, building a community and by having fun with what you do, don’t be surprised when your audience begins to grow gradually over time…

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