WFPF Parkour Academy Testimonials

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“Our Youth program took off and now we are bringing in more teens and adults too. In our first year we have approximately 800 students and have had almost 3500 visitors through our doors. We have experienced 9-15% growth month on month since we opened our doors.” “Having the Lesson Plans each week has been hugely beneficial and we still … Read More

Parkour Academy, a ‘Business-In-A-Box’

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Easy and effective for busy gym owners:  The WFPF Parkour Academy is quite literally a ‘Business-In-A-Box. “The next best thing to bring to your gym”. Whether you own a gym that already runs Parkour classes, or perhaps currently just Gymnastics classes and are considering options of Ninja or Parkour. Perhaps you don’t currently own a gym but have aspirations of … Read More


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What a spectacular event the WFPF Canada Cup at FlyFree Gym was this passed weekend! As expected, ALL age groups fully exceeded expectations across the FreeStyle Events and the Speed Events. The FlyFree team led by Mr 2J Pantoja showed up in full professional fashion and with the WFPF competition crew, helped play host to a phenomenal competition. Friday night … Read More

WFPF YouTube

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We are excited to announce the rebirth of the WFPF YouTube account. The great news is that we aren’t doing this alone. We have the backing of big hitters: Shawn Bautista Shawn in the custom Parkour Pants and tee combo We even have the latest in the series of International Parkour Certifications Live from Portugal now online: And … Read More


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The complete schedule is below the registration links. Please note: You must register for the Friday night Jam separately (in addition) to your competition registration. Friday night Jam all ages registration form: July 5th   7-8 Yr Old: Speed Comp Sat July 6th:   9-11 yr olds Speed OR Freestyle (Not both!) Sat July 6th:   9-11 … Read More

Beast Coast 2019

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One of the years premiere Parkour Events just took place. “The 14th edition of the Beast Coast Jam in Rosslyn’s Gateway Park! Held over two full days on a fresh new pop-up Parkour park, the jam offers something for everyone, including seminars for absolute beginners and a dedicated section for kids. Take inspiration from training with hundreds of friends, old and new. Some … Read More

Athlete Spotlight: Bailey Harter

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My name is Bailey Harter. I started Parkour around August of 2013, so roughly 6 1/2 years ago. The reason I started Parkour is because I somehow found Ryan Doyle’s travel story’s on YouTube and immediately wanted to try and learn some flips. I was a pretty athletic kid and I new the basic concept of a front-flip so I … Read More

Afghanistan Parkour

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This story is a story of inspiration. And it is a story that is very much on going. WFPF have been in support of the Afghan Parkour Society for quite some time now. Even sending letters to senior officials in Afghanistan to support funding and space for the Parkour youth in the country. It is nothing short of incredible to … Read More

Athlete Spotlight: Pasha The Boss

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In honour of the latest JAMCAST Podcast Hosted by Travis Wong: We wanted to share the love and feature the one and only Pasha “The Boss”; Pavel Petkuns. JAMCAST: Pasha is an athlete who has truly carved his own style and cemented it into the history books of Parkour even comedically dubbing his latest style of movement “Pash-Kour”. In this … Read More