Beast Coast 2019

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One of the years premiere Parkour Events just took place.

“The 14th edition of the Beast Coast Jam in Rosslyn’s Gateway Park! Held over two full days on a fresh new pop-up Parkour park, the jam offers something for everyone, including seminars for absolute beginners and a dedicated section for kids. Take inspiration from training with hundreds of friends, old and new. Some of the world’s foremost Parkour athletes, such as Dom Di Tommaso, Joe Scandrett, Calen Chan, Luke Albrecht, Charlie Havill, Chad Zwadlo and Seth Ruji, will be there! It’s a celebration of movement in a festival atmosphere.”

Beast Coast Parkour Special Guest Athletes Video:

There are a number of events on the Parkour calendar each year, but few are on the scale and consistency of the Beast Coast Jam.

2019 was another fantastic example of everything this community is and can be. Parkour practitioners from all over the globe coming together; laughing, sharing ideas and most importantly training. For themselves, and with each other.

We commend any and every event that is ‘Pro-Parkour’, and the event that APK have produced here is nothing short of fantastic.

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