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What a spectacular event the WFPF Canada Cup at FlyFree Gym was this passed weekend!

As expected, ALL age groups fully exceeded expectations across the FreeStyle Events and the Speed Events.

The FlyFree team led by Mr 2J Pantoja showed up in full professional fashion and with the WFPF competition crew, helped play host to a phenomenal competition.

Friday night Jam was packed full of Fun with special guests Shawn Bautista and Nick Provost throwing down some insane movements.

The focus of these jams is always for a great opportunity to meet and greet some of the top athletes in the game, whilst also being able to train and get tips first hand!

Competition Day 1 – 6th July

Children’s Speed Comp:

Its so much fun seeing the younger generation learning to take their body to new heights through the safe practice of Parkour.
The Speed competition allows participants to explore their ability in climbing, jumping, and running with the emphasis on fun!

Next up was the 9-11 yrs. Youth Speed:

Two speed scores with a combined sum is the name of the game in this event. There is no room for a ‘lucky run’ when you have to perform back to back two times to score the overall fastest score.
Luckily for us, once again the 9-11 age group was packed with able competitors and made for a very exciting and close race!

Finally finishing up day 1 was the 9-11 Youth Freestyle:

This time the option of 2 separate runs is available to the competitors. However, if they select to take a second run, their first score cannot be counted…
An interesting play on tactics in this Event format and proved very costly when one competitor decided to re take his run, but arguably pulled a stronger score on his first, which would have held if he’d decided not to go again.
Never the less, an exciting competition took place and he still walked away with ‘Sickest Trick’ after throwing an insane Side Flip off the solid table top.

Competition Day 1 – 7th July

Young Pros Competition: 12-15 yrs Speed.

Once again, the competitors take 2 runs at the speed course and their times are combined.

For 12-15 years old, these athletes were FAST! Really FAST!
It made for an incredible exciting race, but also an incredibly close race!
Needless to say, by the time the Speed Competition was complete, the crowd was suitable excited to see the 12-15 your old Young Pros take on the Parkour FreeStyle Competition.

This was no time for Fortnite parkour, or Minecraft Parkour. This was the real thing, and the Young pros Comp once again didn’t disappoint.

We saw tricks that high level adults wouldn’t throw in competitions from Double Twist Flyaways and wild wall tricks.
The crowd were pumped and the decision making for the judges ever difficult!

This led the way into the Adult Speed and Freestyle Competition events.
From 4:00pm – 9:00pm the Parkour action was absolutely insane.

First up was the Speed Competition, and it is fair to say that the top 3 podium spots were so fast, it was like watching a high speed chase!

Climbing, swinging, ascents, descents, over and unders, this course had it all! And these competitors absolutely ripped through it!

After a short shuffle of equipment and course setting, the stage was set for the Adult Freestyle event to crown the 2019 WFPF Canada Parkour Cup Freestyle Champion.

With 45 seconds on the clock, the athletes were judged on Difficulty, Execution, Flow and Versatility as per the IPF Judging Criteria:

Once again, it did not disappoint. The judges probably had the most difficult job to break down all of the movements, and ultimately settle on our 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

But in the end, everyone was in agreeance and our Champions for Speed and Freestyle Parkour were crowned!!!!

Until the next event, we hope you enjoyed vicariously through our images and hope to see you at the next Parkour Competition!

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