Afghanistan Parkour

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This story is a story of inspiration.

And it is a story that is very much on going.

WFPF have been in support of the Afghan Parkour Society for quite some time now. Even sending letters to senior officials in Afghanistan to support funding and space for the Parkour youth in the country.

It is nothing short of incredible to see the growth and development of this wonderful younger generation seeking Peace through Parkour.

The Afghanistan Parkour Group on Facebook:

And the Afghanistan Parkour Society:

Are just two of the many places, you can see the incredible development of the sport and skill level in this country.

This latest piece by Zawia Media is an awesome showcase of some of the Afghan Parkour Skills.

And thisĀ Parkour Training Workshop for Afghan Youth and Adolescents In APS Academy Kabul Afghanistan is incredibly inspiring.

We are incredibly proud to be a part of this journey on our mission to make Parkour accessible to EVERYONE.


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