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We are excited to announce the rebirth of the WFPF YouTube account.

The great news is that we aren’t doing this alone.

We have the backing of big hitters: Shawn Bautista

Shawn Bautista – WFPF clothing

  • Shawn in the custom Parkour Pants and tee combo

Shawn Layout Back ground.

We even have the latest in the series of International Parkour Certifications Live from Portugal now online:

And now the latest in the extreme series of POV Parkour from the Russian Buildering master Shade.

Shade POV Parkour

Our goal here is to entertain, inspire and showcase the world of WFPF from the athletes, to our Parkour Certifications and FreeRunning Events.

We’d love your feedback and we’d love to hear your thoughts on what we can do to make this content even more exciting and fun for our viewers!

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