Why You Should Sign Your Kids up to Parkour

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Parkour involves using one’s body to engage in physical or mental activities through repetition and diverse skills like jumping, swinging and rolling. Regular exercise and movement is an important aspect of a child’s upbringing. Through parkour sport, your child’s physical literacy is guaranteed and this encourages and unlocks the child’s potential. The child can develop and grow as a fit, … Read More

Start a Parkour Gym

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  Image Source: Pexels How to Start Your Own Parkour Gym {A note from WFPF:  Below is a comprehensive article written by Jori Hamilton about how to start your own parkour gym.  WFPF offers many things which can help you in your journey to start and maintain your own Parkour gym including consulting, WFPF teacher certifications, parkour gym/program insurance (currently … Read More

How Parkour Can Help Troubled Youth

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{A note from WFPF:  We are thrilled to share the article below with you because parkour can indeed help troubled youth around the world.  We want to take this moment to also give a special acknowledgement to the work that 501c3 Non-profit organization, the International Parkour Federation, IPF, is doing globally to help with its “Peace Through Parkour” Global Education … Read More

Ways to Prevent and Treat Parkour Injuries

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  Image Source: Unsplash Ways to Prevent and Treat Parkour Injuries [A note from WFPF: A great way to help prevent injuries to to become certified as a Parkour teacher by WFPF! For more info go to: https://wfpf.com/in-person-events/ and https://wfpf.com/services/coachingjudging/ or both, for in-person (since 2012) and online (since 2020) Parkour instructor certifications because… Safety first!!} Over the years, parkour has … Read More

How to Introduce and Teach Parkour in a School Physical Education Setting

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Kids get the chance to run, stretch their legs, and take a well-deserved breather from school in gym class. But physical education can be so much more than laps around the gym or a repetitive set of exercises. Adding sports into the curriculum challenges students in ways that promote healthy bodies and minds. One excellent option to consider is integrating … Read More

Energy-Boosting Nutrition Tips To Maximize Your Parkour Training

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Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/acrobatics-action-adult-architecture-416780/ Parkour training is a great way to improve both mental and physical fitness. Overcoming its challenges will boost your athletic ability and grow your confidence and self-esteem. However, to perform optimally and safely, you’ll need the best nutritional support for your training. There are several key elements you need to consider when building strength for Parkour training. … Read More

What are the Recommendations for Safe Outdoor Training?

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Outdoor Parkour training is always relevant to the practice of parkour.  That is why WFPF is republishing this important article which was previously published in 2020: After the Corona Virus affected every nation of the world, almost all public places were closed. Some of the most affected places were eateries, bars and gyms. Towards the end of 2020, the rules … Read More

Top Movies About Parkour to Watch Today

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Parkour is a physical sport whose popularity has grown over the years. It is a freerunning style that involves moving from one point to the other in the quickest and fastest way using the body. Sports enthusiasts and action lovers are fascinated with Parkour, and it has become one of the styles used in making some top movies. There are … Read More

Parkour Gifts

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Perfect Gifts Any Parkour Enthusiast Will Love This Holiday Season There is no shortage of holiday gifts aimed at sports enthusiasts. However, that’s not to say that there isn’t a noticeable bias toward the traditional — gifts on the subject of football, baseball, and soccer are not just accessible, they’re everywhere! Yet, alternative sports are rising in popularity. Over the … Read More

How to Learn Parkour: Where to Start?

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How to Learn Parkour: Where to Start? Parkour, otherwise known as free-running, is a free movement technique that uses real-life objects as an obstacle course. It is beyond jumping or running randomly without a plan or goal. Parkour is not just about physical training and getting your body in shape; it’s about conditioning your mind and seeing possibilities even when … Read More