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Hello, Ahlan, Bonjour!     My name is Fatima Mouzon and I’m from Meknes, Morocco.   I have a degree in business and marketing, speak Arabic, French, and English…and I love parkour!  I was the only woman to compete in the Meknes, Morocco Parkour day competition in September of 2017 along with 80 boys!

Fatima Mouzon HeadshotFatima Mouzon from Meknes Competition



I started parkour in 2014 by seeing friends from Agadir doing it.   I loved it so much so I tried to get out and try it alone.  That’s how I started parkour!  In the beginning I found lot of difficulty from my family, my neighborhood, and my school mates for doing parkour.  They always said that I do like monkey on jumping over obstacles or landing.  It was very hard to make them understand that parkour its not only jumping but its about an art that makes you plan how your “way” should be and how to make your dreams true.  After that I had problem with my father who knew I did parkour so he didn’t like it.   He told me to stay at home and never go for training.  I stopped parkour for 1 year and a half, and then I get out for training again without my father knowing.  I made a parkour crew but it wasn’t a success.  Some boys didn’t like that I’m training with them, so they show me the wrong basics and the wrong moves, so I backed off.  I started training alone, sometimes with some friends, and started to go to other cities to train like Kenitra, for example, with UP Movement, and also in Fez with some other traceurs.  After that my friend Hamza told me to make my own association for parkour.  I loved the idea, so we start working even though we don’t have possibilities.   I was training on the streets, in gardens… I fell down many times without anyone helping me to get up.  It’s hard for a girl in the Arabic world to do this kind of sports because of the way society looks at us and the complicated tradition in our society.  Until now, I’m still practicing parkour in secret.


Fatima Mouzon single hand stand Fatima Mouzon and the boys Fatima Mouzon Volubilis Fatima Mouzon Jump Fatima Mouzon and Ahmed El Gazzar


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