Kaizen Parkour, South Africa- the first WFPF Sponsored TEAM! “Help the Children Through Parkour” Fundraiser!

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A BIG WARM WELCOME TO….   Kaizen Parkour, South Africa- the first WFPF Sponsored TEAM!  WFPF sponsored teams are by invitation only and are Parkour teams who are truly trying to make a difference in the Parkour community.  Congratulations Kaizen Parkour!”    A message from Kaizen Parkour:   “As Kaizen Parkour our short term goal is to tour South Africa, … Read More

INTERNATIONAL GYMNASTICS FEDERATION (FIG) HIJACKS PARKOUR with the help of some of the Parkour Community- A WFPF/IPF Statement & OPEN LETTER to FIG Opposing This

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May 18 at 1:05pm · https://www.facebook.com/worldfpf/posts/10155065407701609 A MESSAGE FROM WFPF & IPF re: the attempt by FIG (Federation International de Gymnastique) to take over “Competitive” Parkour, as well as the collusion of certain Parkour groups willing to sell out to FIG for their own personal gain. Following this message (at the bottom), please find our 3 PAGE OPEN LETTER TO … Read More


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If you LOVE Parkour, please share…and read… And come to #WFPFVegas The WFPF Pro-Am “Jump Off” MANDALAY Bay 2017, coming up on April 7-9 in Las Vegas, Nevada is a great opportunity for Amateur Parkour athletes to compete on the world stage. WFPF “Jump Off” Mandalay Bay 2017 is the only competition where up and coming athletes can jam and compete with … Read More

WFPF Profile: Ahmad Mattar, Gaza Parkour

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Hello! I am Ahmad Mattar, 20 years old, from PK Gaza team, and Athlete with WFPF. I started Parkour and Freerunning at the end of 2008 after I was inspired by my friends Mohamed AlJakhbeer and Abdallah Inshasi. They started to do parkour in 2005 so they were the founders of Parkour in Palestine. Then I started to train with … Read More


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WFPF Founding Athlete Daniel Arroyo, Movement Artist/Visual Artist! “I was always brought up with the idea that I could be anything I wanted to be. I took it so literally that I have been trying to experience everything ever since. I am mostly known in the world of Parkour and movement but I have always had my hands in so … Read More

USAP College’ Tells Us About Parkour In College!

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Parkour is thriving on college campuses across the US. For many, the college campus is a space that fosters curiosity, presents opportunity and offers growth. The architectural spaces are an invitation to students, student organizations and the greater college community. It is not surprising that a college campus would become the home for parkour athletes to flourish. Throughout the week, … Read More

WFPF wows Chicago with its performances at the Chicago Marathon!

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WFPF sent two teams out to Chicago this fall to perform for the Chicago Marathon crowd!!   As thousands of participants in the marathon came to register and check out the latest in sports, shoes, apparel, and anything “marathon” related, they got a big treat when they got to see “running” at a higher level!  Freerunning!  “Integrated Obstacles” shipped up … Read More

Chance ‘Mini Tarzan’ Gray

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My name is Chance ‘mini Tarzan’ Gray and I was born in Seattle, WA in 2001. When I was a year and a half old my family moved to Las Vegas, NV and we’ve lived there ever since. I started in Parkour about 2 years ago when my aunt got me trial lessons for my birthday. I was instantly hooked. … Read More

Eddie Collins

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Going to high school I thought I had everything figured out and that I was going to be businessman and sell things and make money my whole life.  Little did I know my life was about to change entirely.  A group of kids I had been friends with started doing Parkour and urged me to do it with them and … Read More