Bassent Azez- EGYPT

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Name                : Bassent Azez
Age                   : 28
Nationality        : Egyptian
Home address : Alexandria, Egypt.
Occupation      : Personal Fitness trainer.
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I started parkour back in 2011 with 2DF team. I gained self-confidence from doing parkour & it changed my life.
I can train outdoor in the streets whenever I want and joined many workshops with others with different nationalities which gained me so much knowledge.
In 2015 I joined the jammers workshop as oldies, and in summer 2015 I joined El-Fit obstacles competition as a judge.
Also in Winter 2016 I competed in Ninja Warrior (middle east version).
Parkour changed me from the inside, gave me power, strength, positive energy and made taught how to love my self, which made me start to teach fitness classes for men and women which helped change their lives through movement and teach them how to gain positive energy and believe in them selves, Recently I did yoga and now am teaching yoga classes as well. 
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