Xavier Smith

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When I was little I always loved to watch people doing flips! When I was 9 years old, I started to do Ninjustu and Karate with my brother and a friend. We used to practice for hours and that’s when I knew that I wanted to make flipping a career. I got so good, so quickly, that I challenged everyone … Read More

Micah Scarbrough

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I was born in the hot twisted desert of the four corners area of Utah. It was dusty, dirty, and that was just describing my bedroom. I grew up wearing pants mostly.. shorts weren’t really a major option and by the age of 12 I felt the compulsion to start training in the martial arts after moving to the west … Read More

Jonathan Hafichuk

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Parkour has been a passion of mine since 2007. I was motivated by videos on the internet, mostly of Europeans like Ryan Doyle. I started in the backyard of my parents’ acreage using hay bales for obstacles and the sandy beach next to the river. Training for a black belt in Ninjitsu gave me a basic grasp of movements, especially … Read More

Trevor Ray

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My name is Trevor Ray. I was born on June 10th 1988, raised in Deer Park NY. As a child growing up I was always athletic. I loved playing all kinds of sports (Football, soccer, baseball, basketball Etc) . Along side playing sports I developed an artistic side. My passion for art brought me through school, graduating college with an Associates … Read More

Kristoffer Smith

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From the fiery state of Arizona comes a man born to go fast. Even at an early age, Kristoffer Smith was already ripping around either in the back of a Humvee or on the local BMX tracks. When he was not fighting for the lead or being tossed around in the desert, he spent his time learning how to build … Read More

Derek Alfonso

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I was born in Miami, Florida and am very proud to be a first generation American born to Cuban parents. From a very young age my life consisted of school, skate, guitar, school, skate, guitar and as I got older I started to explore other kinds of movement such as inline skating which I became very passionate about and eventually Parkour! … Read More

Alexander Baiturin

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I was born and raised in the city Vladivostok in Russia. My dad always worked hard to train me in different sports, karate, wrestling, but they was not for me. In 2005, I found Parkour and as soon as I started training, I understood that it was my sport, my life, my style, and hoped perhaps that it could also … Read More

Joel Fridman

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I was born in Silverspring Maryland, USA. I moved to Mexico when I was 1 so I have dual citizenship. When I was born my parents got a lucky trade and instead of one got 2 funky babies, so yes, I have a twin brother and we pretty much do everything together. Lived my childhood years in a small city … Read More

Eric Joyal

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My name is Eric Matthew Joyal, I was born in Arlington, Texas on September 10th 1990. When I was five, my family moved to Terre Haute, IN where I spent the majority of my childhood and adolescence. When I was young I was your “want to do everything” athlete playing baseball, baseball, soccer, racquetball, football, ice skating, track, cross country, … Read More

Josh Brauer

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How’s it goin’ EH! My name is Josh “Bullet” Brauer, I’m 25 years old, and I live in beautiful Calgary, Canada. I started training Parkour/Freerunning when I was 20, but throughout my whole life I have been involved in almost every school sports or extracurricular activities including climbing trees and finding something to jump off. Since involving myself in the … Read More