Jonathan Hafichuk

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Jonathan Hafichuk - Dive RollParkour has been a passion of mine since 2007. I was motivated by videos on the internet, mostly of Europeans like Ryan Doyle. I started in the backyard of my parents’ acreage using hay bales for obstacles and the sandy beach next to the river. Training for a black belt in Ninjitsu gave me a basic grasp of movements, especially landing and rolling.

In 2009, shortly after I started taking an adult gymnastics class, I pioneered a parkour program in the same gym. It was one of the most successful programs they ever had.

I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world and do parkour in unique locations and beautiful cities. Since starting this amazing sport, I’ve enjoyed making videos of my learning experiences and adventures. These videos are an exciting way for me to share my passion with others.

Jonathan Hafichuk 2Johnny Korthuis and I started a professional parkour team, Anomaly Parkour and Freerunning, in 2013. We tour, make videos, and perform in paid shows. Using the team as staff, we started parkour classes in another established gymnastics gym, which helped us become known in the community.

This experience and exposure led to supporting Breathe Parkour in opening a parkour-specific gym in our small city of Lethbridge, Alberta. Assisting with all the marketing and promotions for the launch, I was excited and gratified to see over 120 people attend the grand opening. All of the coaches in the gym are members of Anomaly, myself included.

Currently, I’m developing my own videography and marketing business, Symbol Syndication (, while coaching parkour and traveling. I love to make videos of my adventures and training in the hopes they will inspire the next generation

Jonathan Hafichuk - Taiwan Temple Backflip

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