Joel Fridman

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I was born in Silverspring Maryland, USA. I moved to Mexico when I was 1 so I have dual citizenship. When I was born my parents got a lucky trade and instead of one got 2 funky babies, so yes, I have a twin brother and we pretty much do everything together. Lived my childhood years in a small city in Mexico called Colima were I started the love for sports with Basketball. Then moved to Mexico City at the age of 8 to discover Capoeira, Gymnastics and eventually when I was thirteen years old bumped up with the “crazy guys jumping from buildings”, according to my parents.

I have also been lucky to travel inside Mexico performing and teaching freerunning while making new friends, always side by side with my brother. We did a couple of national TV shows and contemporary circus presentations as dancers and acrobats. We both appeared in Cats The Musical in Mexico, toured around the country and took it as life changing event.

I’ve always been motivated to move and dance since I recall. Along the way I have built a youtube channel with short films I’ve produced and joyfully taken filmmaking and photogrtaphy as a significant part of my life. Having taken this arts so seriously I decided to move to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in dancing and freerunning. And here I am.

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