Alexander Baiturin

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I was born and raised in the city Vladivostok in Russia. My dad always worked hard to train me in different sports, karate, wrestling, but they was not for me. In 2005, I found Parkour and as soon as I started training, I understood that it was my sport, my life, my style, and hoped perhaps that it could also be my career! In 2008, I finished college and moved to Moscow. I already had lots of friends there with whom I’d been training and they helped me find a place to live. Later, I began to participate in various competitions. At first, I didn’t finish in the top spots, but with experience and determination and constant training, I finally started to win different competitions.

As I started winning, I also got my first jobs in movies, TV shows and live performances. So my dream is coming true – my favorite thing became my job! And I’m not done yet! The first major competition, Red Bull Art of Motion in Santorini in 2013, I took the 2nd place. The next year I was invited again, and this time I took the 3rd place. It would be nice to come in first at some point, and I will keep training for that, but truly for me the main thing is to participate with my fellow traceurs and good friends, and to absorb the atmosphere of parkour fellowship. I’m proud to be the newest WFPF Athlete and to support this great movement.

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