Fatemeh Akrami

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Iranian Female Skydiver , Traceuse and Gymnast and Stuntwoman. Member of Iran National Gymnastics team. Won 2 Gold Medals and 1 Silver in international Solidairity Cup Started doing Gymnastics at 6. I became a member of Iran national Gymnastics team and achieved the tittle “First female done Double front Flip on the Floor.” I started learning and doing Parkour and … Read More

Niki Whalen

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Parkour Athlete Flip Niki Whalen

   Hello there! I’m Niki Whalen. I’m 21 years old and currently live in Orlando, Florida. I have been training parkour for over 2 years. Before finding the sport, I spent most of my time at cheerleading practice or at my University’s rock climbing wall. As soon as I found parkour, I was instantly hooked. I love how it is … Read More

Maria Raptaki

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I am a Europe based actress, a film-maker, and a parkour performer. In 2015, I was featuring at MTV U (U.S.A.) where I performed a lead in the official music video of Temporary Hero “Circus” to which I also contributed as a film-maker and a choreographer. The same year, I took part in the “Assassin’s Creed” (2016) motion picture UK’s … Read More

Ilaria Luisi

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My name is Ilaria Luisi, I am a 26 years old a gymnastics coach from Rome, Italy. I am a former gymnast. At age 10 I was selected in the technical centre of the Olympic preparation where I met great coaches, Mikhail and Natalia Klimenko. This beautiful experience lasted three years it gave me great satisfaction and introduced me to … Read More

Abla Chejai

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Abla Chejai Parkour Athlete

Hi my name is Abla Chejai, I am 21 years old, originally from Morocco but located in Montreal Quebec. I have been practicing parkour now for about 6 years and it has become a big part of my life. It helped to give me more confidence as a teenager and provided me with something constructive to practice. I came to … Read More

Emily Abernathy

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I was introduced to the parkour community around 2010. At first I only tagged along, watching and taking photos. I really didn’t think it was for me and nor something I had the ability to do. I thought it had to be dangerous and was only for people with years and years of gymnastics experience. It took me a long … Read More

Juliet Zailskas

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Parkour is my passion and it allows me to express myself freely…anywhere. I do not need to follow a routine and only do parkour when it is scheduled, nor do I need a specific location.  Any environment can become a playground no matter which way you look at it. That is what makes Parkour so special to me.  I get … Read More

Rachel Scarbrough

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I am originally from Southern California, but currently live in Austin, Texas. I started Parkour nearly 2 years ago, when my husband, Micah Scarbrough, introduced it to me. Initially, Parkour got my attention because it has some similar aspects to gymnastics, as I am a former Elite gymnast. However, Parkour quickly became a passion of mine when I discovered the … Read More

Ann Kaczka Wood

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Ann Kaczka began her training in October 2007 in New York City with one of parkour’s founders, David Belle. Shortly thereafter, she went from climbing trees and training solo in Thailand, to scaling the boulders in Central Park and training on the streets of London and Paris. Ann established New York’s first ladies’ training sessions, and believes strongly in opening … Read More

Amanda ‘Panda’ Voll

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I am Amanda Voll, and I am originally from Calgary, Alberta Canada.  I am a professional parkour athlete, stunt person, and actress.  I have been training in parkour freerunning for about 12 years but have had a passion for movement since the day I could move. I also have been a coach for many years and love to help others … Read More