Amanda ‘Panda’ Voll

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I am from Calgary, Alberta Canada.

I started doing parkour about 8 Years ago and it has been a huge part of my life ever since I started training. I am an instructor and prominent leader of my community and strive toward spreading the movement of parkour/free-running to younger generations. I am now branching into the film industry doing stunt work for TV and movies and loving every minute of it. I hope to expand my skills and knowledge and just all around love to move and grow.

The progression of the female movement in parkour & freerunning is also very important to me so I strive to do what I can to promote other female athletes and help them to progress.

I love being a coach and watching people progress, its one of my favourite things to do when I am not able to train. Recently I have traveled all over attending jams and competitions as well as coaching at various events and attending Jams.
Throughout my life parkour has given me the opportunity  to meet some amazing people as well as touch the hearts and  lives of others who I have inspired. I hope to continue to have  similar experiences and meeting more amazing people through  parkour.


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