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Abla Chejai Parkour Athlete

Hi my name is Abla Chejai, I am 21 years old, originally from Morocco but located in Montreal Quebec.

I have been practicing parkour now for about 6 years and it has become a big part of my life.

It helped to give me more confidence as a teenager and provided me with something constructive to practice.

I came to Canada in 2008 and before that I was doing hip hop dance in Morocco after attempting to get into the hip hop dance scene in Montreal, but I realized it wasn’t the same as in my home country.

To me parkour is a very useful tool to help people to problem solve and learn more about themselves and appreciate their environment.

I hope to continue to strive to be a good athlete and act as an inspiration to other women who are interested in the discipline.


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  1. Hey Abla,
    Let me introduce myself first, my name is Arin,my age is 20 and I am from India.
    Its good to know you are doing parkour and taking that as an useful tool.
    Originally I am a Science fiction fan,
    After my high school I didn’t join any college as I am taking a year gap so that I can do more experiments in the field of science.
    I am trying to make something combination of MUSIC+SCIENCE.
    When I left high school, I was overweight. In the autumn and winters I started jogging every single day no matter how bad the conditions were.
    And after looking at some parkour tutorial videos in Youtube, and practicing and trying hard now I can do Cart Wheel, Parkour Roll and Dive Roll,etc. Now I am trying to do hand stand push ups.
    The place I stay in Guwahati, Assam, there aren”t any facilities to learn parkour. I had a strong determination which kept me going.
    No doubt the truth is I am a little less experienced in parkour.
    If you would give me advises at times and motivate, I would be really grateful.
    If you are interested for a friendship, please shoot me at arindameducationusc@gmail.com

    Thank you
    Yours Arin

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