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Niki Whalen Parkour Athlete

   Hello there! I’m Niki Whalen. I’m 21 years old and currently live in Orlando, Florida. I have been training parkour for over 2 years. Before finding the sport, I spent most of my time at cheerleading practice or at my University’s rock climbing wall. As soon as I found parkour, I was instantly hooked. I love how it is much less restricting than cheerleading or gymnastics and allows me to learn new movement and how to progress for myself rather than others. Parkour has also led me to find a love for weight lifting and stunt work and now working with the WFPF. I currently work at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios as a stunt actor and have been featured on several television shows, music videos, and live performances. I have found a career through parkour and hope in the future to only improve my skills, enhance my career, and inspire other athletes to whom my path may cross.

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