Alexander ‘Shade’ Gisych

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Alexandr Gisych, otherwise known as “Shade”, is a freerunner from Zlatoust, Russia. Shade is well known for his creative style of movement as well as his popular Youtube channel which he updates regularly. Just over a year ago, he suffered a major setback when he tore his Achilles. Shade has dedicated this past year to recovery and is now back … Read More

Pasha Petkuns

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We are proud to present Pasha Petkuns, one of our newest WFPF athletes. Pasha is a 20 year old freerunner from Daugavpils, Latvia. Known for his creative bar work and for the bounciness of his movement, Pasha first hit the scene after releasing his first showreel in May of 2009 and has not looked back since. He gained further acclaim … Read More

Alexander Zyulev

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I spent my childhood on the beach of the Black sea where the most pleasant activity for me was climbing mountains and looking for new places. I’ve always had attraction to journeys and adventures: finding something new for me, exploring the world, finding new friends. I fell in love with this in my childhood. I started practicing parkour in about … Read More

Marvin Ross

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To me parkour isn’t about being the best its about breaking barriers, being creative, and most of all having fun. My style is completely different from everyone else’s that’s what makes me well me. People wake up everyday and forget to live life their to busy worrying about what if. What if this happens or what if that happens but … Read More

Erick ‘Daer’ Sanchez

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I’m Erick Sánchez AKA Daer Sánchez and I was born in Mexico City. I was a taekwondo practitioner over 10 years and I was a national/international champion many times. I started Parkour/Freerunning in 2005. Parkour gave me the opportunity to travel to different countries to compite like England, Vienna, Sao Paulo, Kuwait and Seattle. Also I had the opportunity to work … Read More

Gaetan Bouillet

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I’m Gaetan Bouillet (Get from the Team Speeders) and I come from Belgium. When I was a child, I always liked giving myself some challenges. My cousin,my brother and I were always trying to jump as far as we can, climbing the threes as high as we can, or simply going from my house to the middle of a kind … Read More

Kyle ‘Epic’ Mendoza

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Known for teaching Parkour, Freerunning & Tricking movements on YouTube, Kyle ‘Epic’ Mendoza has been a part of shaping communities with his teachings of movement as well as the application of philosophy, discipline and cognition. Kyle has always taken to spiritual healing & compassionate practices, he portrays a message that has inspired much of the community with his motto ‘STAY POSITIVE. … Read More

Oliver Pitot

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Hi, I’m Olivier Pitot, “Olispeeders”, co-founder and member of the team Speeders. Both my parents are gym teacher, I started practicing gymnastics at age 4. At the age of 8 years, I started the competition to finish in Division 1. After several years, around the age of 12, my father decided to stop competing, disgusted by the evil spirit who … Read More

Paul ‘Blue’ Joseph

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I was always running and jumping around as a kid, and joined all the sports teams at school. In high school I was captain of the football and basketball teams, and also started practicing extreme sports like skateboarding, bmx and inline skating. While at university I saw a commercial which featured a guy running across rooftops performing flips and spins, … Read More

Travis Wong *

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Inducted into the Inside Kung Fu Hall of Fame at the age of 14, Travis Wong can be seen in international ad campaigns, has coordinated performances for the NBA and Fortune 500 companies,  choreographed for artists such as Ne-Yo, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lopez, and has graced stages from Universal Studios, Hollywood to the red carpet in Cannes. Utilizing his … Read More