Alexander Zyulev

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I spent my childhood on the beach of the Black sea where the most pleasant activity for me was climbing mountains and looking for new places. I’ve always had attraction to journeys and adventures: finding something new for me, exploring the world, finding new friends. I fell in love with this in my childhood. I started practicing parkour in about 2005, I do not remember exactly. I got into it by accidentally. I just saw guys training outside, came closer and ask them what it is. Why are they doing it. They told me a lot about it and felt big desire to do it because it is the thing I had been doing not even thinking about its name. I certainly remember how I promised myself and my friends not to give parkour up. I understood that it is something I was looking for. A lot of years passed since then but the desire grow up more and more!

In 2008 a friend of mine had injury that didn’t let him do anything for a year. He was laying in a bed all this time. And after a year he died. It was really hard time. A lot of my friends gave up doing parkour. While he was laying in the bed for a year there was not a time when I heard that he regretted about doing parkour. He said that parkour is life. I’ve never seen so much power in a person, so much courage. As soon as my friend has gone, I decided to try myself in Capoeira. It was 2009. I’ve been Capoeira since then. It let me understand a lot, let me see a lot of opportunities of my body, it developed my instincts and helped me get back to parkour. I started practicing hard again in 2010. This year let me understand what kind of parkour I need. This year started opening doors for me. I understood that it’s my path and I’ve got to do my best! I trained a lot every day. I had trainings; I practiced Capoeira, Parkour, Taekwondo, and Tricking. I dedicated myself to trainings. Spent a lot of energy on this. I understood that if I want to improve my skills in parkour, it’s not obligatorily to do only it. And I started to combine everything I’m interested in. In 2011 I understood that I really achieved something in my development. By this time parkour had already given me lots of good friends, great moments, travels. I was inspired by all these travels. I’ve always said that it’s important to take everything from every single moment. That’s why when I went from my city, I returned with great experience.

In this year my videos started to inspire people. And it inspires me, too! I understood that I can make people better, I started to feel responsibility. That’s why I’ve given up all bad habits. The most important thing that 2011 and 2012 gave me is that people started to appreciate both what I say and do. It’s an honor to be an example for others. That’s why I’ll keep on training and motivating people to development and healthy lifestyle. 7 years of parkour let me understand myself in this world. Parkour let me understand that I exist, it gave me wonderful friends. I have a lot of memories connected with it. The most important is that it gave me an opportunity to make the world better! I’m really pleased for that! And I understand that it’s only beginning!

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