Pasha Petkuns

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We are proud to present Pasha Petkuns, one of our newest WFPF athletes. Pasha is a 20 year old freerunner from Daugavpils, Latvia.

Known for his creative bar work and for the bounciness of his movement, Pasha first hit the scene after releasing his first showreel in May of 2009 and has not looked back since.

He gained further acclaim from becoming the first Russian-speaking winner of the Red Bull Art of Motion competition.

Pasha goes by several nicknames, having refered to himself as “The Boss” and “The Best of the Bestest” on several occasions.


6 Comments on “Pasha Petkuns”

  1. Hiii Pasha, my friend Justin Holman is A HUGE fan because of you he trains everyday and he faces his fears to become better everytime, I’m not sure if you do many.. Favors.. But, I’m his friend and he’s going through A LOT, like a teenage kid should NOT be going through what he is; I’d go into detail, but I can’t have other people seeing anyway, he’s starting to give up and I would LOVE if you could PLEASE contact him or comment on one of his videos and please give him some inspiration. It would mean the world to me.. All he wants in life to be a famous parkour athlete and be able to take care of his mom he could care less about anything else, I know you probably get this a lot, but I’m begging you here. I’ll do anything. I’ll promote your channel I’LL DO ANYTHING. Please..

    1. Im sorry, i am sure pasha would if he saw your comment, but answer this, if you were him, not knowing this page existed, would you check your comments pageé

  2. hey pasha if you get this message, my name is solomon tha1truth 🙂 hope to train with you one day

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