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oliver_p2Hi, I’m Olivier Pitot, “Olispeeders”, co-founder and member of the team Speeders.

Both my parents are gym teacher, I started practicing gymnastics at age 4. At the age of 8 years, I started the competition to finish in Division 1. After several years, around the age of 12, my father decided to stop competing, disgusted by the evil spirit who had settled there (critics, judges not honest).

That’s when the club is investing in the entertainment and the creation of a circus troupe, the “Carolo Circus.” At this point, that Bouvy Sebastian (Seb Speeders) arrived at the club. Every sequence, a friendship began between us. Shortly after Sebastian discovered Parkour on the Internet. He immediately wanted me to any to share this new sport. Gymnast training purist, I have not wanted to start any more Parkour. But after one or two discussing with Seb, we started doing some acrobatics outdoors. After a few months, we started to take us seriously. Give names to what we did, multiple times watching videos of David Belle or some French band of the moment.

In the beginning of parkour has been very difficult for me. Because of my training as a gymnast, it took me years to put aside my academic style of gymnastics to start being a tracer fluid. It really was a difficult period for me, and I am proud to have been able to eliminate my style robotics to become a Tracer-freerunner full. During these years of Parkour I met a lot of people, and I could create what I call my second family now surrounded by all my “brothers”. Overall, we first wanted to treat ourselves and move our way without referring to a code. From gymnastics completely codified, I wanted to find this freedom in Parkour movements and creativity that forbade myself for years. We are now recognized to have changed the Freerunning with our inventive movement, which led us to a lot of criticism of “tracers purist”.

Now I hope to say someday have with my team left a trace in the field of Freerunning Parkour-through our inventiveness and free spirit.

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    I wanted to touch base with you see if you are interested in what the possibilities are for you to come here. Please feel free to let me know what your thoughts are.

    Thank you
    Ivan Flores

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