7 Best Parkour Locations Worldwide 2020

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Parkour is all about freedom and seizing the moment – or location. It’s about exploring different places with your friends and going, “wow, that’s a rad place to backflip from.” However, some places are objectively better than others. You’d be pretty disappointed to find yourself on vacation in some flat city with no verticality and obstacles. Let’s list some of … Read More

Expert Diet Advice for Keeping Your Bones Hardy

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Parkour is a nice sports activity that began to gain considerable momentum. More and more youngsters start Parkour because it’s a nice and physically challenging activity. You need self-confidence, bone, muscle strength, and above all, courage. Parkour is not easy, but it is an engaging activity that keeps you trying and doing your best, developing your motor skills. It is … Read More

It’s Never Too Late To Learn Parkour

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Age is just a number, well that’s what they say. But when it comes to learning an active sport like Parkour can older people take the risk? As we age, our bodies are not the same as they once were, it’s harder to exercise, the risk of breaking or damaging something can be irreversible. We become fearful of trying new … Read More

Parkour Gym For Kids

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Parkour gym for kids When parents hear the word “parkour” they almost always interpret it as “danger.” They believe it’s an extreme sport designed for brave or even reckless individuals who don’t mind getting hurt or injured. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Parkour makes a superior training method that even the children can use to develop their motor skills … Read More

7 Must Read Books for Parkour

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The 7 Must-Read Books for Parkour Beginners and Professionals Parkour is a type of physical activity inspired by the natural method of physical education, designed by Georges Hébert. He devised a route for military training, called parcours militaire, which is widely used by the French army. Hence the name, Parkour has its origins in parcour, in French. The Parkour practitioner … Read More

Things Not to Say to Parkour Athletes

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You will fall into one of these three categories – a Parkour athlete, someone who has a vague idea of what Parkour is, or someone who is asking ‘what on earth is parkour? And why should I avoid saying certain things to them?’ If you are a Parkour athlete, you’ll have heard these all before, in which case it might … Read More

How to Become a Parkour Instructor and Obtain Your Certification

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How to Become a Parkour Instructor and Obtain Your Certification Parkour is a truly unique sport and a discipline so many people around the globe enjoy tremendously. Some people even turn parkour into a lifestyle and dedicate their lives to mastering the skills, tricks, and moves of parkour. If you’re a parkour enthusiast and enjoy practicing it, you can consider … Read More

Parkour: The Perfect Exercise for all-round Fitness?

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Choosing a type of exercise that is fun and enjoyable to you is a crucial factor in staying committed to training consistently. It is natural that whatever skill we choose to practice we improve on specifically. For example, someone who trains weightlifting 3x a week consistently, is likely to find over time that they can naturally lift heavier weights. However, … Read More

The 7 Best Parkour Locations in the World

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Parkour lovers love a challenge. Setting new goals, improving their skills, and exploring the limits of their bodies is a must. Also, the creative side of each person doing parkour needs to be strong and needs to have the opportunity to shine. This is exactly why every parkour lover should try out different locations for their training and practices. Since … Read More

How Parkour Training Can Save Your Life

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Parkour is a fast-growing practice in this century; however, for something growing this fast, very little information is known about Parkour. You can describe Parkour as a logical and creative movement through a typically urban setup from point A to B as quickly as possible. Involved is the overcoming of physical barriers on any route while creating practical and inventive … Read More