How to Learn Parkour: Where to Start?

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How to Learn Parkour: Where to Start?

Parkour, otherwise known as free-running, is a free movement technique that uses real-life objects as an obstacle course. It is beyond jumping or running randomly without a plan or goal.

Parkour is not just about physical training and getting your body in shape; it’s about conditioning your mind and seeing possibilities even when it seems none exists. This is why several individuals, despite the parkour death-defying stunts, are yearning to learn it and become a free runner.

Learning Parkour: Where to Start?

Having a desire to embark on a parkour training is good, but you can’t expect to become a pro at it overnight. There is a learning curve to becoming an expert, and like all parkour athletes, it’s better to start from the beginning. Here’s how to do it:

Prepare Your Mind

Preparing your mind is about wiping it clean and free of everything that could hold you back and getting it ready to learn afresh. This means abandoning the things you know in theory about parkour and how fit or unfit you think you are.

A person who is a beautiful gymnast with high flexibility will find themselves wrestling to get a handle on this sport because the rules are different. Thus, to excel as a beginner, you must:

  • Connect with your inner child and have an in-depth desire to explore.
  • Be confident of your abilities but know your limits. Parkour might be daring, but do it with reasonable moderation to prevent accidents.
  • Think safety always. While some sporting safety rules might not apply to parkour, following them is good, as it’s better to be safe than sorry and miss months of practice.

Get in Shape

The mind is a powerful tool in learning parkour, but a determined and robust mindset without a fit body won’t do much for anyone. So, get in shape. Keep in mind that the latter doesn’t necessarily mean losing 10kg from your current weight.

It’s about learning endurance, and you can achieve this by doing some calisthenics like push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and squats. The preceding are some of the basic things to do as a beginner in this sport, and if you desire to make progress, you must do about 25 push-ups, five pull-ups, and 50 squats to get started.

Learn Balance

Unlike most of the sports available on csgo-betting sites that don’t require any balancing technique, parkour is different. Balancing is key to this sport, and those desiring to become parkour athletes must master it.

Whether it is a rail or a thin wall, it is vital to know how to maintain your balance to prevent injurious falls. To achieve this, focus your mind on the task at hand, be in the moment, avoid distractions, and place your steps carefully. Begin with walking a straight line on a road, progress to ridges, and then a wall.

Practice Safety Shoulder Rolls and Landing

Rolling and landing are two elements of parkour moves that an athlete must master. Doing any of them less correctly would result in dislocations, and in extreme cases, broken bones.

The sport requires many vertical movements and high jumps. As a beginner, avoid going all out in an attempt to be daring; take baby steps, and practice how to roll effectively without causing harm, and jump from smaller heights before trying the big ones.

For jumps, begin with heights between ½ meter to 1 meter, and land on the first part of your feet with legs bent. If the jump is from a higher distance, perform a forward roll after landing using your shoulders instead of your back.

Learn Vaulting, Jumping, and Climbing Maneuvers

Learning how to vault will help you perform free running safely when going over rails or passing a blockade as a beginner. The vault can either be a parkour turn vault or a parkour safety vault.

Both vaults require the use of hands, and a single mistake could result in a fracture. Thus, always use two hands to get as much strength as needed, and ensure you master them before adding distance or variations.

Jumping and climbing are also parkour moves for going over obstacles, especially in a modern landscape. There are several moves to these two, but it is better and safer to start with the basics before trying the more advanced options.

Practice Wall Run/Tic-Tac

If there’s one technique that most people desiring to learn parkour can’t wait to do, it’s this one, especially if the person is an action movie buff. While it will feel good to defy gravity once you start learning this move, take care not to go too fast.

Like the techniques already discussed, begin with baby steps. Start with one, move on to three, try four and so on. Parkourshoesguide recommends learning and focusing on your body’s trajectory, wearing extra hold parkour shoes, and having a good run and excellent grip.

Develop Your Style

Social media is replete with parkour athletes carrying out dare-devil stunts with effortless ease and having loads of fun while at it. While all that is entertaining and useful to watch, notice that they all have a personal style.

According to WikiHow, having a personal style means having a precise and concise way of positioning your body as you approach obstacles. What works for one won’t work for another, so develop a unique style best suited to your body type and aspirations.

Pick a Starting and Finishing Point

As a new parkour athlete, you’re still learning the sport’s techniques, endurance and trying to build your style. Therefore, don’t try to overdo anything. Pick a starting and finishing point during training, do whatever it takes to get there, and remain within that parameter.

Get a Coach and Begin Group Training

It is much easier to do something if you have someone to do it with and a voice other than yours cheering you on. After getting through the above steps on your own, get a coach and join a group to get to the next level. This means there will be people looking out for you, correcting, and ensuring you don’t overdo it.

Start Now!

There are endless possibilities in the world of parkour, and they come with opportunities to expand your mind while having fun. You can start your training today. Be consistent with it, think safety always, and overcome every obstacle without giving up.

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