Why You Should Sign Your Kids up to Parkour

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Parkour involves using one’s body to engage in physical or mental activities through repetition and diverse skills like jumping, swinging and rolling. Regular exercise and movement is an important aspect of a child’s upbringing.

Through parkour sport, your child’s physical literacy is guaranteed and this encourages and unlocks the child’s potential. The child can develop and grow as a fit, strong and healthy adult. Read this article to understand why you need to sign your kids up for Parkour.

Critical thinking development

The parkour history was marked by extensive traveling, in which case there was a continuous impression as a result of people’s movement skills and physical development. These are the aspects of the parkour sport to emulate as you enroll your kids. Parkour is a great sport for kids to engage in because it allows them to move around their environment easily.

The way to get to a particular point has some obstacles that may be challenging in the beginning. The obstacles present tasks that the kids may find difficult to accomplish, allowing them to progress as they pursue their goals.

At some point, what seems to be difficult is accomplished. The kids have to think critically as to how to get to a particular destination. Such critical thinking skills are important for children to break down tasks and solve problems in different areas of their lives.

Management and minimization of risk

Parkour is all about risk minimization and the ability to explore what the human body can accomplish. When dealing with a challenge, it is important to have a checklist of questions to be addressed.

The child could ask themselves whether they are strong enough to accomplish a given task. They could also consider whether they understand the technical movements well to attempt a challenge safely.

The participants could consider their mental calmness to commit to the challenge fully for every progression. These are some of the issues the children will account for during the training and they will guide them during the parkour journey.

Discovery of new ways

Through practice and repetition when trying new ways of body movement, kids start to understand places to practice different skills. In Parkour athlete language, this is called the “Parkour vision,” which is an additional skill.

When instructors are teaching Parkour to kids, they show them how to look at their environment differently. This may help to make sense of play and exploration to a place not commonly used, acting as an empowering tool. Looking at things from a different perspective is a valuable skill that can be translated to the children’s everyday scenarios.

Children are trained with intelligence and conviction with emphasis on circumstantial and environmental awareness. They can perform under pressure and dig deeper into new opportunities and places. They are also trained for fun, with the spontaneous and playful nature of the sport encouraging creativity.


Children enjoy the feeling of being challenged to take up a task and having the confidence that they can do it. You can enroll your kids in parkour lessons to help them to be confident when dealing with physical challenges.

Having confidence in abilities and skills is important in parkour practice, and this is a difficult attribute for children to develop. Elite and professional athletes attest that discipline is, in most cases, mental rather than physical.

Parkour teaches children self-belief and confidence because they are required to rely on their mental clarity and there is no equipment for guidance. Either, there are no rules to fall back on and so they have to bear masterly based on confidence.

Confidence is a skill like any other and it has to be nurtured. Otherwise, it can be lost. The parkour lessons provide opportunities for the kids to continue with the practice and nurture their confidence.

Motor skill development

During the parkour classes, the instructors break skills and techniques into progression series. The progressions allow instructors to rectify movement inconsistencies and body placement, helping the children to understand foundational skills.

Parkour is an exciting activity compared to traditional sporting activities because children can learn why things happen the way they do. It develops resilience, physical literacy, creativity, and self-efficacy in children.

Your children can learn and appreciate various movement skills like balancing, vaulting, rolling, jumping, and climbing, among others. The classes revolve around task-oriented practices that lead to the acquisition of motor skills.

Parkour’s curriculum incorporates technical skills, techniques, and concepts for child development, teamwork, and problem-solving. Motor skill acquisition is guaranteed because classes are energetic, fun, and creative, encouraging kids to fulfill their potential.

Fitness and strength

Parkour is a superior method of training that children can use to strengthen their muscles and remain fit.

Kids benefit from Parkour in the following ways:

  • Working out the whole body.Parkour exercises entail full-body fitness. Since the exercise engages the memory, it has the effect of increasing the child’s stamina because it is also fun.
  • Quick thinking.Parkour requires participants to think fast concerning body movements. By making progressions and movements, kids can participate in accurate decision-making not only during sports but also in their everyday lives.
  • Building core strength. Core strength is important in twisting, bending, and transferring strength and power across the body. A child can grow to be more agile and benefit from a better posture.
  • Developing skill-related fitness. Children can gain skills in jumping, landing, climbing and call upon such skills at their convenience. They can learn to maintain body fitness at an early age.


With the growth of Parkour, children are appreciating the need to continue practicing it for problem-solving. This sport is not a series of techniques but rather a training philosophy and methodology.

The primary goal of Parkour is to gain skills on how to overcome obstacles fast and safely. Since the participants have to establish whether they can manage a situation before commencing the challenge, then it offers problem-solving strategies.

When a child asks themselves whether they can jump over a wall and how they can do it, this is all about adapting to an environment and solving problems. To answer the question of capabilities, ever-changing and flexible skill sets have to be developed. Training for adaptability and problem-solving is important to meet the objectives of Parkour.

The problem-solving skills allow the participants to be more innovative while facing obstacles. Without such skills, they can only rely on the solutions to problems that are already known. The kids must know the ultimate objectives of Parkour to give every technique and movement a reason for existence.


Parkour is an ideal sport you can consider for your kids because it enhances their critical thinking and helps in risk minimization. The children can also discover new ways, gain confidence, develop motor skills, remain fit, and develop problem-solving skills. Monitor your children to identify the parkour sporting activities they love and are passionate about and enroll them at an early age.


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