Top Movies About Parkour to Watch Today

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Parkour is a physical sport whose popularity has grown over the years. It is a freerunning style that involves moving from one point to the other in the quickest and fastest way using the body.

Sports enthusiasts and action lovers are fascinated with Parkour, and it has become one of the styles used in making some top movies. There are several film productions involving the sport, and in this article, we bring you the ones that genuinely embody “Actual” Parkour.

Top Parkour Movies Every Enthusiast Must See

In no particular order, the following are some of the Parkour movies you must see if you love the sport:

Casino Royale

If you are a James Bond fan, then you’ve seen this movie. But here’s a chance to see it with a fresh eye and appreciate the addition of Parkour to its action scenes. Martin Campell directed Casino Royale, and Daniel Craig played the titular role of 007.

The film introduced Parkour to a larger audience and gave it the much-needed attention it deserved. Screen Rant credits Sebastian Foucan and David Belle with this achievement.

In the beginning, you’ll see Foucan’s character take Bond on a fun and thrilling Parkour chase through the streets of Uganda. You’ll also enjoy this movie because of the beautiful locations around the world that Bond travels to.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Game lovers would agree that Prince of Persia has to be on this list as it relies heavily on Parkour. Thankfully, when Walt Disney teamed up with director Mike Newell to turn the game into a movie, they maintained the sport in the plot.

Jake Gyllenhaal, the Prince of Persia, Dastan, brought in signature Parkour moves performed behind the scene by stuntmen. The film nicely displayed techniques like vaulting between wooden beams, scaling walls, and running sideways on them.

It follows the story of Dastan trying to stop his evil uncle Nizam from controlling the world with a special dagger. Good and evil clashed throughout the movie, but who triumphs in the end? Watch to find out.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

If you enjoy period dramas and detective movies as much as betting sites like dota 2 bets, then Sherlock Holmes is the film for you. In it, you’ll see Robert Downey Jr. ditch his Iron Man costume to play the titular role of the brilliant detective.

The action scenes incorporated Parkour, howbeit in a slow-motion way. The villain in this movie is an entertaining and fascinating criminal mastermind with a cunning personality.

The director, Guy Ritchie, brought out strong emotions from the cast, making it a film that would entertain you and make you want to cry at the same time. Enough spoilers though, see it for yourself.


This 2011 film with Lawrence Silverstein as the director follows a freerunning athlete thrown into a dangerous Parkour competition. A group of unscrupulous businessmen created the tournament to gamble on human lives while satisfying their bloodthirsty urges.

The competitors have a neck bomb, and when they lose, it detonates. While many Parkour enthusiasts do not have a love for the film, we recommend it if you want to see comprehensive incorporation of the sport’s techniques.

It shows how Parkour techniques are used to steer clear of obstacles. What’s more, you’ll get to see some of the sport’s athletes you admire.

District B13 (French Parkour Movie)

Long before Parkour became the world-famous sport it is today, movie director Pierre Morel used it in the 2004 production, District B13. The film featured real stunts from the sport’s founder, David Belle, and he appeared in it.

According to ParkourShoeGuide, the movie is the refined version of all the Parkour action movies of the past 100 years. The stunts in the film had little or no computer effects, embodying the sport through and through.

The plot is direct, straight to the point, and wastes no time with frivolities. There are no holes in it, and it aligns well with the characters portrayed.


If you were born at the turn of the century, then it is evident you were unable to see this film at its release in 2001. But now you’ll get to. As one of the first productions to focus mostly on Parkour, the directors, Ariel Zeitoun and Julien Seri did a great job.

The plot is centered around survival irrespective of social class and connections. On one side is Yamakasi, and on the other, the police. Throughout the film, you’ll get to see both sides clash.

There is a lot of Parkour action in it and significant emphasis on what ails society. It also sheds light on the dangers of the sport and educates the audience on safe Parkour practices.

Jump London

This 2003 documentary had one aim: introduce Parkour to the English-speaking world. It succeeded and captured the attention of the audience instantly. In it, you get to see London with new eyes.

The narrator called it the story of a journey, and the description couldn’t be more apt. Sebastian Foucan, alongside French free runners Jerome Ben Aoues and Johann Vigroux, ran through London and landmarks like the Royal Albert Hall.

You get to see the trio effortlessly run across rooftops without getting hurt. Jump London gave birth to the term “Freerunning,” an offshoot of Parkour, which remains relevant today.

6 Underground

This is one of the most recent movies where Parkour shined. Released in 2019, it portrays Ryan Reynolds as the head of a vigilante group determined to take down corrupt governments, criminals, and terrorist organizations.

The famous British Parkour group, Storror, did most of the scenes stunt work, which covered many high flying and jumps. The crew had to use boxes and wear cables to break their fall. The movie is quite entertaining and a must-see.

Get Started!

While this list doesn’t cover all Parkour movies, they are our top picks. Two things are guaranteed when you watch them: you will be entertained and educated. You’ll have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the sport. You can binge-watch them or go consecutively, but either way, ensure you see all of them.

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