It’s Never Too Late To Learn Parkour

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Age is just a number, well that’s what they say. But when it comes to learning an active sport like Parkour can older people take the risk? As we age, our bodies are not the same as they once were, it’s harder to exercise, the risk of breaking or damaging something can be irreversible. We become fearful of trying new things and new experiences. But fear should never hold you back from following or taking up something new and exciting, and in this case, you should try Parkour.

Putting limitations on yourself and your body will only stop you from achieving your full potential. Parkour, while active, is a series of obstacles that can keep your body healthy.

Now hear us out.

As we age our bodies are more fragile, that is a fact, but stopping daily exercise because of fear can do more damage. “Regular strength training and cardio are incredibly beneficial for the body” writes Tamara M. Jackson a sports blogger at Writinity and Last minute writing. “A combination of this different training is what our bodies need as we grow older. There’s no point giving up, be easy on yourself and your muscles yes but don’t lose hope because you aren’t as fast as you were at 25. With Parkour we use the body as weight while incorporating cardio, that’s why is great for older people.”

It may seem strange but this ‘extreme’ sport as its often referred to as can be great for older people. While our muscles are thought to become weaker scientist have proven that it is in fact possible to build up new muscle mass as we age.

Still not convinced?

Creating a routine of working out, doing Parkour, will increase muscles mass. Because parkour incorporates so many exercises, from squats to jumps and pushups, this combination is easy and achieved through Parkour. “All you need is some willpower and you’ll be ready to go,” writes Alex B. Plunkett lifestyle writer at Draft beyond and Researchpapersuk. “Fearing the unknown is common, parkour may seem alien to many but it’s an ideal sport for anyone who think they can’t do something pass the age of 40. When you start you may be sceptical, but the further you push yourself the more you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.”

Exercise and doing parkour while healthy and good for maintaining fitness is also about testing our limits and knowing when to stop. Building up your strength and encouraging yourself to go further is great but don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t reach that goal, you can always try another day.

The human body is amazing in what it can achieve. Our willpower is what keeps us going. Harnessing that power to our advantage is what we need when attempting any new sport. While we are young there is a lot of hormones going around, ageing means that we have less of that nut it also means that we are more at peace, we can do things with a clearer mind, we can achieve it just as well.

Distrusting our bodies and having a defeat mindset is negative. Getting older to participate in any exercise or sport is incredibly beneficial. As there is no age limit to what sport you do, our bodies might not be the same as they used to but don’t give up just because you have to be more careful. With Parkour our bodies are using different components and keeping both the mind and body active. This is what we need to stay fit and healthy. Yes some of us may have a bad hip, swollen ankle or bad knee, but with that information we can always adapt and change the exercise to our level.

With many seniors taking up Parkour in later life, from 60 and upwards, this sporting activity isn’t just for the active 18 year old. There are many parkour groups out there to join today so why don’t you do some research and see, you never know there might be a specific one for older people and in that case there’s no need to worry about keeping up.

Parkour can be a fun activity to stay fit and healthy, the trick is to know your limits and stick to them, you’ll be surprised with what you can achieve. 

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