Marcus Wilson

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I’m Marcus Wilson, I was born in Cyprus, 19 year’s of age and I live in Beccles, United Kingdom! Always been an active person, participating in different sports. Football, Kuk-Sool-One and Swimming until I was 14 where I then started training and decided I had a big interest in Parkour ever since my passion has grown for it. I’m free … Read More

TJ Coughlin

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Hello! My name is TJ Coughlin and I’m a 15 year old freerunner from Connecticut. I have been training in parkour for around two years, and ever since then, my life has changed in so many ways. I discovered parkour with my good friend Jimmy Donahue, and from there my love for parkour has never stopped. I started taking classes … Read More

Martin Miller

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My name is Martin Miller, I’m 15 years old, and have been doing Parkour and Free-Running for 2 years now. This is truly a passion of mine and I cant comprehend the idea of getting old and not having the control over my body that I do now. I believe that control over your surroundings, and most importantly control over … Read More

Johnny Donohoe

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Hey guys! My name is Johnny Donohoe I have been doing parkour for 4-4 1/2 years and im 13 years old. I originally did preschool gymnastics then from there I went into recreational gymnastics and then competitions I later quit at the age of 8. I would work on movements I saw in videos and then transfer them to my … Read More

Kacper Lipski

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I am Kacper Lipski and I am from Poland. I’ve been born in 1994. I grew up in Rybnik, it’s a cool small town in south Poland. I started my adventure with Parkour/Freerunning around 2007/2008, but for some personal reason I had to take a break in it. Everything changed when I moved to London, I’ve meet really great people. … Read More

Spencer Mulligan

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Hey my name is Spencer and I love life! I am proud to be part of the WFPF and I am excited for what the future holds! I have been practicing parkour and freerunning for 5 years now. I have also trained in various martial arts almost my entire life and currently hold a 3rd degree black belt. In 2006 … Read More