Marcus Wilson

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I’m Marcus Wilson, I was born in Cyprus, 19 year’s of age and I live in Beccles, United Kingdom!

Always been an active person, participating in different sports. Football, Kuk-Sool-One and Swimming until I was 14 where I then started training and decided I had a big interest in Parkour ever since my passion has grown for it.

I’m free to move in my own way, which makes Parkour unique to other sports as you are free to your move how you like! It has gave me many great opportunities, one of which being travelling to different places to train and meet up with other people who share the same interest and can push each other to progress.

I Also like exploring, taking photo’s and making video’s which I enjoy to do other than Parkour.  


8 Comments on “Marcus Wilson”

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  8. I was wondering if you were available to give some private tuition to my 8 year old son who is very athletic and gymnastic and loves parkour. We live near Kings Lynn and have lots of available space to di it here, or at the Kings Lynn parkour park. Please let me know if this would be possible – it could be an intensive three day course if that suited you. thank you so much

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