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marcfaceHey guys, my name is Marc Selby but many people refer to me as Selbz. Like many of you, I’ve been moving and climbing and learning how to use my body as long as I remember. Climbing hallways in my childhood house, trees at my elementary, and walking down just about every flight of stairs on my hands.

About 10 years ago I discovered parkour, and started jumping around with some school friends, after a year or so I discovered there were a few others in my community also training at the time, which was one of the earliest Canadian parkour communities (Winnipeg Parkour) after my first jam with them I was hooked.

During our long Canadian winters I would spend a bunch of time in Gymnastics gyms, and by summer I basically lived at the Forks training at our biggest hot spot ‘the Oodena’. One of my favorite things about parkour is all the amazing people I get to meet, and all the traveling I do. I’ve met some of my closest friends teaching parkour and traveling for parkour. When I was 16 years old I started teaching parkour classes with my brother Thomas Selby, co-organizer of our group Team Modus.

My overall goal from parkour is to enjoy my youth and travel in a completely unique way seeing the world not just with my eyes, but with my hands and feet too. On top of that I want to share my movement with the world, and help parkour grow in the eyes of the public, so they can see it the way I do. I want to develop Team Modus, and eventually retire to opening my own gym.

I look forward to training in many new places, and making new friends.

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  3. Wow he’s a pretty good loiokn’ guy! I’m not prejudiced or anything! 🙂 As always you guys are awesome and I’ll have a hard time choosing a favorite hmmm .I think I love #2 (I’m glad you made him smile, I love it!). The doorway pose is running a close 2nd! Thanks Brett and Jess you guys are the greatest.

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  5. Thanks Bev; give it a try again to win this beautiful candy. Hope your coumpter problem is soon solved. Hope you recovered from your flash of lightning. Hear that weather conditions in UK are still very bad. Good weather to stay at the fireplace or your craft room. Hugs, Helen

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