Kacper Lipski

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I am Kacper Lipski and I am from Poland. I’ve been born in 1994. I grew up in Rybnik, it’s a cool small town in south Poland. I started my adventure with Parkour/Freerunning around 2007/2008, but for some personal reason I had to take a break in it. Everything changed when I moved to London, I’ve meet really great people. One of them, Karol Michta, helped me to regain my passion for this sport. I’ve learned a lot of new things with my friends support, and when I returned to Poland, I joined a┬ánew team called 3run Power. Our group still exists and we train together trying to promote this discipline throughout our entire country. When people ask me the question “Why Parkour?” I always answer that the feeling of being airborne for a few seconds helps me to forget all of my problems, just for a while. I love this feeling, and the only thing that matters to me while I am in the air is me and my skill. I want to push myself even further and extend every one of Parkour/Freerun aspects within my limits.

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